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  1. I don't know if thats a real word but it works here, I was looking back at some pics my friend emailed me from Charlotte and I was suddenly moved to write this. As my username and avitar prove I am an Islanders Hockey fan, and proud of it. I wore my jersey to the race (I do not have a favorite driver, I love the sport though...hubby is all Roush all the way), but why is it some fans are so disrespectful? Oh wow I don't wear NASCAR clothes or feel like I have to to fit in. Some folks are so rude also if they know you are from New York too its really insulting.

    On another note, why does one fan of one driver have to be so anrgy with someone of another driver and literally fist fight over it? I saw three fights at Charlotte. its so kindergarten! Please people grow up and realize it is a sport and we as fans are not going to change a thing about the outcome of races, qualifying, and who wins the JIMMIE JOHNSON SPRINT CUP! If you want to be a part of a solution VOTE on Nov 4th and maybe you can promote a wee bit of change.

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  2. yippeekyaa

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    Some people can't handle the beer.
    Some people can't handle the sport.

    A rare breed can't handle both at the same time. And those scare the hell out of me.:cool:
  3. if you say so, but you know what I mean!
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    Ok then.....

    But, what do you think would happen if i went to an islanders game wearing full Dale Jr. gear, shirt, hat, jacket and all. Would i get treated with respect there while wearing that outfit?
  5. yes I see it when I go to the games, mixed with the Jerseys and I see it on mostly women DP jersey Jr hat!!! Its pretty sexy according to my "batchlor for life" bro! The Islanders are the red head evil step children of New York and "redneck" hockey compared to the elitist Rangers of the City. So we have alot of cross breeding shall we say.:headbang:
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    You can only wish for a perfect world ... otherwise deal with what you have.
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    This might offend some people, but after going to Talladega for years I can say it with honesty. There are alot more "white-trash redneck fans" there than what all these talk show hosts would have you to believe! I have sat in most of the sections at some time or another. There is ALWAYS alot of screaming and cussin (as we say in the south)! The media says its a select few, and while it is not the majority, it is a hell of alot more than a few! It is very sad to think that you can't take a child to a race without a bunch of idiots making them scared or at least very nervous by screaming and acting like a fool!
  8. Easy Money...As I said I was at Charlotte and the fights right in front of first time families with kids ages 7-9 left and said never again to my husband and myself. We just lost 4 people to an ugly fight. I think security should be ramped up and take the trully inebriated and those who are getting to that point out of the stands.
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    This nations standards, as a whole, have gone down so much. I don't go to ANY sport event anymore. Or very many events where there are large crowds. Personally, if it were up to me, I would stop the sale of alchohol at any event. (yes, I know the post that are going to pop up now). Hey, if people are going to act like idiots then they need to be treated as such.

    I think the steps that the NFL are taking are the way to go. Act like a jerk and get jerked out of the place.

    Now I'll say something to REALLY get the water boiling! I personally think Nascar would be better off if there were no JR. Nation. I believe it. I said it. And I know I'm not the only one to think it.

  10. I think the Meadowlands stops selling right before halftime!! I think you should get "coupons" when you get your seat tickets and have to present your ticket to the seller (if he sees you more than 3 times your butt is tossed) and if you are going to bring in a cooler make it kindergarten lunch box size. Do this for a while and this will get the attention of some fans. Also TAILGATING!!!! Where are the freaking cops?!!!!!!!
  11. Easy Money

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    Please dude, dont make broad statements like this about us. I promise you all of us are not beer drinking idiots! Unless you go and see the mixture in the crowd you will never of believe that there are bad fans of all the top name drivers. Its an insult that nascar would be better off without 40 to 50% of its fans. Im not an idiot, but I am JR Nation!
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    This forum has been getting along so well we don't need to start attacking those that like certain drivers. If you are trying to start drama post on message board. The have ton of threads going bashing drivers.

    I went to my first race in April at Talledega. I was expecting what I would see on bourbon street during mardi gras. I am sure that goes on in the infield and in the free camping areas but there is not need for me to be there with a 6 year old son. The people we sat with were the best behaved adults I have ever been around. If anyone was drunk they handled themselves well. I have been to many a LSU game and the fans there are horrible.

    My opinion is if I am going to pay good money for an event like a FB game or a race I want to remember it.
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    It takes 'all kinds' to attend a race. I've been to many races that there have been issues & I've been to many that there weren't any problems.

    There are some very entertaining fans out there. You always have that one fan where he/she has to get up and point at their driver while they circle the track. I really think that they feel that they are somehow helping their driver by doing this! Some of them seem really serious about it. This past spring race @ Richmond we had a husband/wife combo that were 'helping' Matt Kenseth around the track. At some point Kenseth had problems. I think that it took the pair about ten laps to realize this. For a while that sat down. Toward the end of the race, they repaired his car and got him back on the track. Once again, they got up and then help their driver finish the race. While my wife, kids & I thought this was kinda funny to watch, I bet the people in the rows directly behind them didn't feel the same.
  14. DexterMorgan

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    I wear my Oilers flag as a cape and usually my Canadian flag as a cape when im in Phoenix and the reception is usually quite good. Of course the Oilers are a generally popular team everywhere but especially in Phoenix with the Gretzky connection. Ive only had 1 or 2 people say something stupid like, "get out of our country" or something, but overall i havent had too many problems. And I dont do this as a shun to Americans or Nascar fans, I do it beucase its an incredible networking tool with people at the track, and you cant imagine how many cool people ive met (including crew members) because of it.
  15. Sirius01_8

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    Not that I'm this way, but I'll bet 5 bucks that you try that anyway east of the Mississippi and south of say Kentucky and I bet you get a different response. Just saying, I go to both Bristol races each year, and I hate to say it the most OBNOXIOUS fans I see are SR and JR "fans"
  16. mccastle

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    At Talladega there is just as many SEC school flags flying as nascar flags.
  17. DexterMorgan

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    "Not that I'm this way, but I'll bet 5 bucks that you try that anyway east of the Mississippi and south of say Kentucky and I bet you get a different response. Just saying, I go to both Bristol races each year, and I hate to say it the most OBNOXIOUS fans I see are SR and JR "fans"

    No, its much much more friendly the more south you go. Its like, "Holy shit your Canadian????? Let me ask you 1000 questions about your country"
  18. mccastle

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    Exactly. Next thing you know you would be invited to a crawfish boil or cochon de lait if you happened upon a bunch from Louisiana. Not just that but a true cajun would probably try and trace their family back to the acadians that traveled from Canada.
  19. Sirius01_8

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    I've been going to Bristol since 94 and have seen a bunch of the crap I was describing but hey who knows
  20. DexterMorgan

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    Thats exactly it. Ive eaten for nothing at so many races just based on striking conversations up with people and next thing you know im eating bbq, whatever. And quite honestly for me, I use the Canadian thing, or the hockey thing as that point of initiating conversation. That sort of thing happens at all Nascar races weith all types of people. Its part of the tailgating thing where there are just groups of people who love to share the house with other people. And those people far outweigh the negative losers who sit and pick fights.

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