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Discussion in 'SiriusXM Soundwave Cafe' started by mch, Nov 14, 2008.

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    Still mulling over whether I want to re-sub or get an online radio. I do know that if I re-sub, I'm going with SIRIUS and not XM, because even though I like my SkyFi2 more than my PNP2 (yep, I still plan on using my old radios), I want CBC and can't get that through XM.

    First of all, is the PNP2 eligible for Best of XM? Is a SkyFi2 eligible for Best of Sirius? I've heard these extras don't work with the oldest radios, and I assume I'm just one tier above that but maybe not. If PNP2 one is not eligible, then that might make it harder.

    Now then, I'm look at the "Family Friendly plus the Best of XM" package. This would give me everything I want, I think, without raising the bill too much. Does anyone have a complete list of what channels are not included in Family Friendly? I assume Howard and O&A aren't, and that's fine with me because I don't listen to either of them and would even feel a little better if I wasn't paying for Stern and his outrageous contract. I'm guessing Liquid Metal and Shade45 are also cut out, also no loss by me. Just glancing over the FF list, I see stuff like Octane and Alt Nation, so it's obviously not simply for straight-laced social conservatives who don't like to rock out from time to time. I just can't tell what I'm missing.
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    I am not totally sure about this, but I don't think the old PNP2 is Best of Compatible. Hopefully I am wrong about that, I will see if I can find that information for sure.

    In regards to what channels you don't get by doing the Family Friendly Plan, these are the channels you would not get:

    Liquid Metal
    Hip-Hop Nation
    Shade 45
    Hardcore Sports Radio
    Playboy Radio
    Maxim Radio
    Howard 100
    Howard 101
    SIRIUS XM Stars
    Blue Collar Radio
    Raw Dog Comedy
    The Foxxhole
    Cosmo Radio
    The VIRUS®

    UPDATE: I found a list, but I don't know who compiled it, but it says the SIR-PNP2 is not Best of Compatible!
  3. mch

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    I see that, from an SBS thread I pulled up from Google's cache, my PNP2 does not get Best of XM, or even the Canadian stations.

    Well, I guess I'm going to get an internet radio unless I see a great deal for a SIRI receiver. May also look up XM and see if SkyFi2 gets things too.

    EDIT: Hm, refurb Sportser5 for $70 or refurb S50 for $80. Both include home kits.
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  4. DAB

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    All XM tuners get the Best of Sirius, so the Skyfi2 will work

    There are some really good deals on the Inno Refurb as cheap as $99 around.

    I'd steer clear of that S50.

    Sportster 5 is a pretty good deal!
  5. Blitz71

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    The best way to check to see if you can get best of XM is to:

    *Log into your Sirius account
    *Click on your radios ESN number
    *Click on Change Your Package

    All the packages available are listed. If your radio isn't able to get a certain package there will be a message on top of the description saying "your radio is not compatible". I have a Sportster Replay which is an older PNP and according to my account info, I can get the best of XM.
  6. mch

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    Blitz, thanks but I'm presently not subscribed. Wouldn't want to subscribe a radio just to find out I can't get any of the programming I want.
  7. Blitz71

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    Oops, sorry. I missed that point.
  8. mch

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    Thanks, DAB. Inno looks neat but it's an XM and I'm pretty sold on SIRIUS because of Las Vegas traffic and the CBC stations. I'll mull over that Sportster and come to a decision over the next few weeks.
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  10. DAB

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    Actually you can do a Family Friendly Plus Best of XM on the Sirius Side and/or Family Friendly Plus Best of Sirius on the XM Side, these are just under the regular plans and they are actually $2.00 a month cheaper. This plan does not require an a la carte radio.

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