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Discussion in 'XM Radios' started by ai4i, Jun 18, 2011.

  1. ai4i

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    My receivers have never shown more than 32 characters per field, artist or title.
    Tonight, I read a title on Symphony Hall, "The Consecration of the House Overture", a full thirty eight character title.
    The artist field read, "Ludwig van Beethoven".
    Interestingly, the twenty character artist field scrolled by the usuall twice, but the thirty eight character title field scrolled once.
    Anyone have any 411 on this recent change? Does Sirius always display exactly the same as XM?
  2. Wolf

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    What kind of unit do you own?

    I don't know much about XM units, but what I remember on my pass Sirius units, the max character field was 32. It could been possible that if a song was 34 characters long. The whole song title was displayed, but I still believe that Sirius units have a max of 32 characters, probably the future 2.0 radios will expand the character limit.
  3. ai4i

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    Originally, XM only sent out 16 characters per field.
    This is why to this day, many receivers read, Bluegrass Juncti

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