Engine wine troubles

Oct 10, 2008
Folks, recently we have seen problems with customers calling in about engine noise when they are listening to their plug and play satellite radio inside their car. Every time they accelerate they can hear an engine noise or a "wine" through their speakers. Well, we have found a solution. Here's the scenario:

* Listener is using a stock aux input located on their vehicles radio or dash.

* Listener is also using a standard car kit (ex: SUPV1, SLV2, etc)

* Listener has the car kit hooked up to their vehicles radio through the aux input via 1/8th inch aux cable.

* Listener does not have the power hardwired. They are using the cigarette lighter adapter.

Problem: When the listener accelerates down the road they can hear an increase in engine noise through their speakers.

Solution: I talked to an installer that used the PIE in-line 12 amp noise filter and it solved their problem. What they did was go behind the cigarette lighter and put the power filter on the live wire running to the cigarette lighter. This solved the issue immediately.

One way to prove this theory to is to plug in a regular MP3 player into the auxiliary jack on the radio and drive around. Even better, if you have a stiletto you can listen to recorded content through the aux input as well. You should hear no engine wine noise at all. If you do, then this is a completely seperate issue. Most engine noise issues come from the fact that the unit is drawing off of the vehicles power through the cigarette lighter, or in rare cases, from a vehicle power hardwire kit. Both scenarios can be solved by using this PIE noise filter.