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  1. Tgajr

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    Here is my math on an additional sub.

    If its going to be 8.99/month thats 107.88/year.

    If I take 499.99 (the cost of lifetime) and divide it by 107.88 thats

    4.6 years before break even.

    Not to mention the 75.00 swap fee.
  2. ProperModulation

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    lifetime subs have never made sense for additional subs. At the old (current) prices it was almost 6 years to make up the cost for an addon sub. give me a secondary lifetime for $200 or so and I might consider it...
  3. hexagram

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    If you're thinking about Lifetime subscriptions:

    You want a lifetime sub to be set up as your base sub. For me, all I need is one sub, so I am set.

    For those that love SIRIUS and need more than one radio, then I say get the lifetime sub for your main radio and get your additional subs as you normally would.

    You're still saving money in the end (even with this new $2 price increase).
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  4. SSF

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    :agree: A Lifetime Subscription is a great deal for those who only need one radio at a time or, as mentioned above, is used as your Primary account. Plus, it's very common for Customer Support to waive that $75 transfer fee.
  5. IdRatherBeSkiing

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    True for a primary sub. Not so much for a secondary.

    However, if they never merge the XM and Sirius billing, a lifetime on an XM radio is only $50 more than the 3 year sub and certainly an offer I will consider when my renewal comes up in July. If I do that, I will certainly buy a new radio to replace the Airware which has the main sub right now.
  6. spaceghost

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    I actually agree there, it does seem more logical to keep it on a monthly for a secondary unit. However there is a rumored multi-sub increase and the lifetime is currently on sale. And the $75 swap fee is covered by warranty or a stolen radio.. or if you get a nice agent who waives it for you for being polite and friendly with them on the phone :hatsoff:
  7. Vols44

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    Stated my legitimate case with a CSR today. I had a 30 day customer demo set to expire on the 31st. Bought a Stiletto 100 which arrived today. Stayed firm in my convictions but politely asked the CSR to honor the fact that I didn't want my lifetime to start til Feb 1 and have a five payment plan. Checked my account after the new unit was activated and all is well. I have to say thumbs up to Sirius customer support.

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