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  1. Diversity...Let me think, our last black driver was Bill Lester (Randy Moss as a truck owner is a great stepping stone), our last female driver was Erin Crocker, our most current latino driver is Juan Pablo Montoya, our last driver to be openly or partially openly gay was who? That question was brought up to me by my hairdresser tonight (I was actually wearing a Roush hat of my husbands). He said those exact words to me tonight. I actually agree with him on the homosexual front, what if one of beloved stars are to come out? I don't care who( lets not start the finger pointing), but how would we take it as fans, how would the media handle it, and how would Nascar deal with it? What if let's say Jay-Z wants to sponsor or own a team in cup, and have his Roca-Wear,40/40 club and the Nets basketball team on his car? I think that would be awesome bringing a bit of hip/hop to the track! Just a thought for pondering tonight. Diversity, Nascar wants it but are they prepared for the future of their "Diversity" program...
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    well for Jay-Z to want to sponsor a car he would have to believe that the fan base would want to buy his clothing line. While some would it most likely wouldn't be worth his invesment. As far as a homosexual driver. Homosexuality is a choice. Now don't get me wrog you should not be discriminated against because ofthat choie but I don't put it on the same level as your ethnicity as you can't help what color your born.
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    I can't imagine it being a problem, but I guess there are some people for whom it would be an issue. The NASCAR community is a microcosm of society as a whole; mostly tolerant, with a few unfortunate exceptions who seem to get more than their fair share of attention.
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    Good point Dave.
  5. I think it is unfortunate that we as a society see homosexuality as taboo still, but as Moody said "we are a tolerant bunch". My thoughts regarding Jay-Z stay the same, I see alot more African American fans at Pocono than I used to so the fan base is there(growing more to this day), and alot of young latino fans as well (not all JPM). I wear his RocaWear brand I'm white, its sexy, comfy and looks awesome on curves. But getting back to the point, the day it happens channel 128 will have a busy day, week and month ahead of them and we would not have to hear about the rainout qualifying anymore
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    Do you have any pics to back that statement up? lol j/k
  7. riskybzns: you only can dream right;)
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    I wouldn't even dream of wanting to see that.
  9. it was a joke!!! LOL
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    suuuure it was. lol
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    I dont think it's a diversity issue. If someone out there can drive a stock car better than the 43 people on the track, you have to believe they'd be out there no matter what color or sexual orientation. Lets just be honest Bill Lester average truck driver, Erin Crocker, average nationwide driver.
  12. Erin was mediocre at best...we need someone with Danica's looks and Jeff Gordons talent!
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    I don't think there has been a woman in the Cup Series since Shawna Robinson, and that was in 2002...:(

    Would be nice to see more women in the Cup Series. Maybe Chrissy Wallace and do something about that...:)
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    My definition of diversity: to give someone something they haven't earned or don't deserve just because no one of their gender or race is currently good enough to participate.
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    At this moment there is not one woman, and 1 black driver who is anywhere close to deserving a racing contract in nascar's top 3 series. And thats Aric Armiola. Erin was awful, not to mention dumb as all can be to start sleeping with her boss. The jury is out on Crissy Wallace but I dont see her as anything but average. Bill Lester......yikes.

    I dont care what sex/race you are, if you can wheel a car then you should get the chance. If you cant, then get the out and make room for someone who can wheel the car.
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    That's the way a lot of conservative people think. I should know. I used to be one of the misguided...:(

    But it's more then that. It's making the opportunity for them to be in racing. If there is no opportunity, there is no diversity...:(

    I don't think anyone of another sex or race is asking for something to be handed to them, they just want a far shot at making it...:)

    It's also about money. The more females and minorities there are in racing, the more people will watch, and all the companies that put their product on the sides of the cars, or sponsor each series, want as many people as possible to get an opportunity to see, or even think about using, their products...:)

    Sorry for the run on...:rolleyes:
  17. Opportunity vs experience, hmm I know what you are all saying but doesn't one kind of need the other. To gain experience you need an opportunity to show your talents, and to gain an opportunity to race or what have you you need experience. To get a promotion at work I need experience for that opportunity, yet an opportunity to show my boss how much experience I have is needed. You see what I am getting at.
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    Start with the youth & you'll get that experience. I give NASCAR props for its grassroot effort in trying to get minority youth into the sport. It takes a lot of money to get kids racing. A lot of the inner city kids don't grow up with.

    I remember reading an article on Brian Vickers and how he went to Philadelphia when he was in the 25 car. It was a great way to promote his sponsors, but also NASCAR...:)
  19. Semi-great thought!!! We need an innercity program like other sports to give up and coming racers a place to shine.
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    Why should color matter, if 2 kids are in the same neighborhood and the same income levels, is one any more in need of asisstance than the other. This stuff is getting way out of hand! Its always been who could afford to get there, and it always will be. I couldnt afford to, and I might have been the greatest ever!

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