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  1. kitchin

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    Amazing show being repeated tonight on Sirius 137 (CBC One) at 11pm Eastern I believe. Heard it this morning. Classic disco songs with professor's interpretive introductions, somewhat tongue-in-cheek. Show called "And the Winner Is..."
    <edit>Err, that wasn't it, see below.</edit>
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    Thanks for the heads up. And thanks for joining the site!
  3. kitchin

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    Found it!
    CBC Radio | GO! | Audio
    scroll down to "12/30/2007 GO Lister Sinclair presents the Masterpieces of Disco (77:18)"

    The intro to the rebroadcast says it's the most requested episode in the history of Go.

    Yep, I'm another migrant from SiriusBackstage.

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