Deleting songs from library

Peter Atkinson

New Member
Oct 17, 2008
Lake Geneva, WI (USA)
I seem to have accumulated way too many songs in my G1's library. I found that every time I told it I liked a song, it stored it there. I've reset the messages so now it will ask me if I want that song in my library in addition to liking it.

How do you delete songs from the library. There's no way to do it on the player itself. The online player has a section for the portable library, but that only contains the songs I put there from the online player when I first got the G1. Most of the songs that are actually in the G1's library aren't in the online player's portable library. I thought the online portable library would sync with the G1's library during a refresh. No luck there.

I'm concerned that all these library songs are cutting into the memory capacity for new music.

I'd appreciate any help.


Mod Emeritus
Oct 9, 2008
You can remove songs from your Library. To remove a song, do the following:

1. From the Main Menu, scroll to Library and click the scroll wheel.​
2. Scroll to the desired song and press & hold the scroll wheel. The Portable displays a menu.​
3. Scroll to Remove and click the scroll wheel.​