Dedicated to the classic segments...


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Oct 21, 2008
On an old SL2, I had the Howard Stern "Superman" intro. Alas, that SL2 fell in a bath of water. :(

I also miss the Howie Mandel bit where he talks about how "clean and disinfected" the HSS is. I think I have this on audio tape, somewhere.

The "Howard keep your pimp hand strong" bit was good, but damn, it sounded like it was done by a 500lb guy AFTER he ran a mile.

One of the local inserts for traffic mentioned "This traffic update is brought to you by Budweiser. That's buh-buh Bud." It was sort of an indirect goof on Baba Booey.

I do wish they'd replay the segment where Howard RAILED on Tom for not allowing him to say "fellatio on" during Robin's sink story. The dump button guy's name was Andre, and he was yelling at Tom and asking him if he could say "ON-DRE."

Nicole Bass anyone? Whatever happened to her/him/it/that thing? (I'm not quite sure what Nicole is, and i'm not quite sure Robin is, either.)
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