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Discussion in 'Sirius Radios' started by mcf57, Dec 16, 2008.

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    I have a deactivated XACT radio in my truck. For several months, it was simply stuck on channel 184 as expected. I was hoping to maybe activate it again soon here, but recently I noticed something. It has frequently been "updating channels". After one of these updates, I just happened to try and change the channels and it is now allowing me to tune in other stations.

    However, here is the catch. I am only receiving certain channels. It seems to be one channel from each category. It changes daily though as it seems to be updating daily too. For example:

    • Monday I had ch8, ch10, ch21, ch31, ch81, ch105, ch116.
    • Tuesday, I had ch7, ch13, ch24, ch32, ch60, ch79, ch105, ch116.

    Anybody else experienceing something like this? My theory is that they are probably running some sort of promotional thing through the end of the year to try and entice you and get you to subscribe again. Sort of tease you with an offering of several different channels each day.

    Which also lends me to ask this question. If they can easily change the lineup on my 4+ yr old radio, how come they can't truly offer a basic a-la-cart for these older radios? Cause it is clear they can make them receive only certain channels.
  2. MM

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    I believe that it is a promotion to get you back to Sirius.

    I know XM is doing this, I did not know that Sirius was.
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  5. DAB

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    Well lets clarify that, XM use to do this and did so for years, but starting a couple of years ago they quit and only gave you the preview channel and the emergency channel.

    Sirius on the other hand has never done this, so this is new for them.
  6. IdRatherBeSkiing

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    They have done it for pre-defined periods over each of the past few years. This is the same approach as this one. According to the XM release it ends sometime in December. They may have done it on a full time basis earlier but that was before my time.
  7. DAB

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    I don't recall them doing this last year for Christmas though!
  8. IdRatherBeSkiing

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    I think it was last spring. The timing has always been random.
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    What happened to "Conspiracy Boy" from the SBS? Last year he had all the dish about the millions of dollars that Sirius was getting scammed out of because deactivated radios were still working. Ticked everybody off, wouldn't give details, predicted the end of days. . . . ahhhh good times. All from his bedroom in Jersey.

    I bet he could get to the bottom of all this.


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