Cox Vs Fios should I switch?

Discussion in 'Cable & Video' started by me_rubin, Oct 28, 2008.

  1. me_rubin

    me_rubin Member

    Fios is coming....
    Fios is coming...

    So says verizon

    Currently I use Cox for my Cable, Phone and internet.

    The Cox Phone sucks big time, many of my friends say the phone calls don't get completed and have to call again.

    The Cox cable is expensive...

    The interent is ok but always could be faster...

    I'm thinking of switching when they finally make it available in the coming months. My yard is just about back to normal after the 5 large holes they dug up along the front of the property line 2 months ago.

    If I switch and it does not work I guess I can switch back, but you know how these things go... I'll end up with no service for weeks...

    Anyone have good or bad things to say with the Fios service? I don't know cost yet, but I'm sure they will have some deal for the first 3 months or so. Maybe my cox bill will go down... ( I think not!)
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  2. MM

    MM Administrator

    When I moved to my new house in the summer, FiOS was offered, I jumped on the bandwagon. I love it so far. I have TV, phone, and internet through them.

    The TV is great on a HDTV.

    The phone is clear.

    The internet is awesome. I have 20/20. It's fast and much better than cable IMO.

    Go for FiOS, I think you'll be happy.
  3. memebag

    memebag Top Brass, ADVP

    I'm just waiting for FiOS to come to my neighborhood. It sounds good.
  4. Oren

    Oren Well-Known Member

    FiOS is available to me as well. The deal-breaker is there is NO Howard TV, which we enjoy, so I'm sticking with digital cable.
  5. MM

    MM Administrator

    Mike what did you end up doing?
  6. me_rubin

    me_rubin Member

    I Still have cox and enjoying howard tv ( for now )

    Actually, I really don't think anyone in my neighborhood actually has fios yet. We all get these flyers in the mail. but if we go to the website, put in our address, it still says Fios is not available.

    About 3 months ago Cox gave us Free showtime for a year if we stilck with Cox. If we terminate early we have to pay them back for each month we had it. ( my wife signed us up for this :( ) So if I switch I have to pay Cox a few bucks to switch.

    Howard TV is not a deal breaker for me, but I do enjoy it a few times a week. ( it gets old after a while )

    So Far, no great FIOS deals that would make me sign up.
  7. digital100

    digital100 Member

    I see you live in Herndon. I live nearby in Great Falls. Fios came to our neighborhood two years ago, I switched away from Cox Internet as soon as I could. I had many problems with Cox Internet. The service frequently went down, and their customer service was terrible.

    The FIOS Internet service has never gone down, and the speeds are much higher. The only thing that gives me problems is the Actiontec router that they provide, but I am going to add a Linksys to the network.

    Last Summer I switched our TV service from DirecTV to FIOS, and I am happy with that too.
  8. MM

    MM Administrator

    What kind if issues are you having?
  9. sgip2000

    sgip2000 Member

    Expect billing problems with FIOS

    Just an FYI...

    Since Verison is using an outdated telephone billing system for their FIOS services, they seem to have a lot of issues with customer bills being incorrect.

    Keep your eyes on your bills.
  10. digital100

    digital100 Member

    It needs to be rebooted frequently. It tends to have more problems in a complex network with lots of connected devices, and every STB is a connected device. Sonos controllers tends to have problems connecting and getting addresses.

    I am planning to add a Linksys router to handle the wifi and Sonos devices while the Actiontec continues to handle the FIOS STBs.
  11. MM

    MM Administrator

    I'd call them and get a new one first.

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