Congrats Florida...........


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Oct 12, 2008
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even though I hate you. I'm not really heartbroken, but I feel for all you OU fans, this happened to Nebraska many, many times before Osbourne finally broke through and banged off 3 in four years. And a big plus is we're still only 2 National Champions behind you (7-5) so if Bo can turn it around soon we could catch you in the next few years! Doesn't it also seem that most times when a Florida team wins the NC game it's the Orange Bowl? Nebraska lost most of theirs to Florida teams in Florida. Not really fair. Move those games to Nebraska or Oklahoma's back yard and see how different the results would be.:mad: Or at least to Arizona. Big 12 is still the best!!!!

PS- The BCS SUCKS!:mad:


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Oct 13, 2008
Houston, TX
I can't believe teams are still falling for the jump pass!

Oklahoma actually had it covered pretty well, I don't think they were fooled. But Tebow laid the ball in there perfectly for his receiver. Tebow might want to apply for a patent on that "jump pass".