Company Wide BlackBerry Cutbacks

Discussion in 'BlackBerry' started by goreds2, Aug 3, 2009.

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    I know, but OSs are abandoned all the time. Look at the history of VMS for a perfect example.

    Everything dies.
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    WebOS, MSDOS, ...
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    I started this thread 5 years ago. I did get my BlackBerry back about 2 plus years later. The company has decided to do away with provided phones. I will will get a 60 dollar allowance each month. I have the BlackBerry 9650. Should I just keep the BlackBerry and go through Verizon to set up a personal account which I would get an employer discount on? I just need something simple to get my work email on as I am on call every 4 weeks. I only use about 1GB a month.

    I have not paid for a cell phone bill in over 10 years. Does this plan mean you pay 60 dollars for monthly access PLUS have to pay for what ever data plan I get? Thanks,

    Single Line Cell Phone Plan from Verizon - Verizon Wireless
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    2GB of data is included with that plan from the looks of it.
    They ding you an additional $15 for each gb over the 2 allowed.

    I need to look into the plans again. I'll be upgrading my phone soon, and need to see if it's still worth keeping my unlimited plan and paying full price for the phone, or getting the discounted phone and a lesser plan.
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    Depending on the company the Good app may allow access to a work email if you wanted to go the iPhone or android route. I use it on my iPhone.

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    I have decided to keep the 9650 for now.
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    (I started this thread) After having my Blackberry off and on since 2008, I finally did away with it back in January of this year via my girlfriend's daughter giving me her iPhone 4. Hey it is an upgrade for me especially since I had the BlackBerry for so long. I refuse to pay crazy prices for newer up to date phones. iPhone 4 covers are crazy cheap online. :celebrate1:
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    Was that a fork you just stuck in them?
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