College sports availability on "best of" packages

Bandit 5160

Oct 31, 2008
Are all the XM broadcasts of college football/basketball available to Sirius through "the best of XM"?

Are all the Sirius broadcasts of college football/basketball games available to XM radios through "the best of Sirius"?

Or is it just selected games on each "best of" service, which is what I suspect?

Right now, I have Sirius and the best of XM, but on Saturday, I'll be switching to XM with the best of Sirius. I know we et a good many of the XM college broadcast feeds on the best of Sirius, but I'm fairly certain its not all of them. Is that's what its like on the best of XM with the Sirius college broadcast feeds on 102-114? I know XM have room for more stuff, so I'm think perhaps you do indeed get most of the Sirius college sports feeds with the best of XM...or am I wrong?