CocaCola Family?

Discussion in 'NASCAR' started by foyt, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. foyt

    foyt Member

    Joey Logano must be a new member of the Coke family. I just noticed during his interview with Wendy Venturini that he took about three "fake drinks" from his Coke bottle.

    Kid's got it down pat already.

  2. riskybzns

    riskybzns Well-Known Member

    he's been with coke for awhile.
  3. antsie

    antsie Well-Known Member

    LOL I saw that too.

    Burton was taking some fake ones too. For what they get paid, I'd fake it too!
  4. semipenguin

    semipenguin Cheeseburger Connoisseur

    Must be on Speed. I only get regular channels...:worried:
  5. riskybzns

    riskybzns Well-Known Member

    just raceday. race is on fox in 1/2 an hour
  6. antsie

    antsie Well-Known Member

    Yes it's on SPEED. Sorry Semi.

    But the race is on Fox, you gonna watch it or are you out working tonight?
  7. semipenguin

    semipenguin Cheeseburger Connoisseur

    Not working. Going to watch...:D

    Fox is showing February Black History Month stuff right now...:shock:

  8. antsie

    antsie Well-Known Member

    Oh good, glad you'll be able to see it and not just hear it on Sirius.

    I have both going lol

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