Clearing favorites from G2?


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Aug 31, 2009
Recently I found out "favorites" don't exactly do what I thought they did. I thought the system was smart and would "learn" from your favorites, not just flag them and play them more often. Anyway no big deal.

I've been undoing all my favorited songs on the main stations (built in stations, with no fine tuning) that I listen to using the web player. Here are the steps I took:

1) Using the web player un-hearted all my favorites
2) Refreshed my G2
3) Checked the web player again on the stations and there were no hearts (that's good)

I just noticed a previous song on my G2 that was a favorite I removed (and is not listed as a favorite on the web player for the same station) is still a favorite. Or at least it still has the little yellow heart next to it on my G2.

Have you guys run into anything like this? IS the favorite/banned info not sync'd from the device during a refresh? It seems to sync when I add a favorite.


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Oct 9, 2008
The reason the songs on your G2 still have the heart is because in reality the information you do on the web don't just automatically propagate to the G2. If you totally removed the station and then added it back it would be current with the web interface.

We've been discussing this very issue with music in another thread. It stands to reason that if the G2 isn't removing songs and keep itself freshly updates that it likely isn't doing that on favorites either.

The only solution would be as I said above. Totally remove the station and then add it back. I know it a pain in the rear end, but it works!