Clear Channel's 'IHeartRadio', Now with Single-Artist channels


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Dec 16, 2008
Eagles, Aguilera, Weezer star on "artist personal experience" radio, via CC's iHeartRadio

Each superstar artist gets a branded 24/7 channel on the first set of online stations produced by a cooperative deal between Front Line Management and Clear Channel. The artists will literally host their own channels of music, and Clear Channel says that trio of artists will be joined by many more established and developing acts. The service is launching through a new joint venture of Clear Channel and Irving Azoff-run Front Line Management known as “a.p.e. radio.†The concept is for artists to share opinions, insights into their music-making and personal anecdotes, “to foster a deeper connection with their audience.†Business-wise, the artists will share in the profits – and maintain creative control.