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  1. ai4i

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    I guess this is the best place to begin this sub-sub-forum / thread.
  2. Davis

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    I used to work with a person who is a classical pianist. I listened to some of his work and I had no idea it was him. I was shocked when he said that he composed and performed it.

    I'm not sure how well known he is but everybody acted like it was a huge deal. This guy used to own a trucking company, sold it for millions, and now works just to work.
  3. AJ_II

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    I still have a few hours of classical music in my radio replays on the Stiletto from 1-2 years ago (I think it's channel 80? Symphony Hall?). I liked to listen to it at the library when studying. Sirius has just about anything you could want.
  4. ai4i

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    Yes, of all the satellite radio services in North America, Sirius is the second best one available.
    Oh well, now the same company
    I really was hoping they would go with XiriuM, not this XM-Sirius or Sirius-XM.
  5. Davis

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    i like Sirium and Xium (X-E-um)
  6. Allanon

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    I am a Symphony Hall addict. The DJs are really good and you certainly can't complain about the lack of variety; you hardly hear the same piece ever, unless its one of the very few pieces that comes back every three or four weeks.

    There's nothing like listening to an entire Mahler symphony (more than an hour long) and learning a few facts about the composer and the symphony. That's perfect music, for me, during my work hours.

    I wonder if XM has an equivalent classical channel in terms of quality?
  7. ai4i

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    They would slowly choke you to death with their bare hands if they read you calling them DJ's! :mad:
    (I know, the Sirius tab to their bio's is labeled, DJ's)

    I love Preston Trombly's dry, "Imus in the Morning" style and wit.
    Brian Atwood is a bit of a screamer, but certainly lively.

    Yes, Robert Aubry Davis, who programs Vox truly knows his early and vocal classical music.
    This introduction to Martin Goldsmith says it all about XM Classics.

    I hope the best talents from both services will be combined, but half of them will most likely be shown the door.
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  8. Allanon

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    That would be a shame! We'll see what happens. :(
  9. RSubers

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    I hope that Sirius would extend the time period that there is an announcer on Symphony Hall. I realize that with the current financial situation all that Sirus is probably interested in is cutting costs but maybe someday.
  10. Sirius Rich

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    I am excited and will record this SiriusXM broadcast as I am big Bocelli fan:

    Andrea Bocelli: Live in Naples 2008
    Tonight 6:00 pm ET Sirius Channel 79, Sirius Pops.

    On October 24th, worldwide superstar Andrea Bocelli kicked off his CD launch with an historic concert in Naples, Italy in front of an audience of 80,000 people at the elegant Piazza del Plebiscito. While the concert was broadcast live to the nation, it was also captured for U.S. audiences as an exclusive radio broadcast for SIRIUS XM Radio. Listen to this exclusive broadcast event, showcasing highlights from the forthcoming Incanto (Nov. 4th), fused with timeless Neapolitan classics that Bocelli defines as "songs have been part of my life since I was a child."

    Rebroadcast: Mon., Nov. 3rd @ 9 pm-10 pm ET.

    SIRIUS Satellite Radio - Popular Classical Music Radio ? Listen to Top Classical Music on Sirius Satellite Radio ? Classical Voices

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