Classic Vinyl goes interactive

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    According to their FB page, they've been active since last November

    Classic Vinyl’s Top 26 British Artists Of All Time
    Sat 9/24 6:00 am ET
    Classic Vinyl will be honoring the Best British Artists that helped change the sound of Rock n Roll…Forever! We’d like your input first to help us put together Classic Vinyl’s Top 26 British Artists of All Time. Please let us know your favorites and share this link with your friends so they can tell us theirs: Sirius XM Classic Vinyl | Facebook Tune in to hear who made No. 1
    Replays> Sat 9/24 12:00 pm ET; Sat 9/24 8:00 pm ET; Sun 9/25 10:00 am ET; Sun 9/25 4:00 pm ET
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