Circuit City nearly out of Business

Discussion in 'The Studio Lounge' started by TSS Taylor, Oct 9, 2008.

  1. TSS Taylor

    TSS Taylor DRC Fan

    From the sounds of things Circuit City is in massive trouble. What do you think about that?
    From what I can tell this will even affect their offerings on SIRIUS Radios this holiday season. Though I think they will still carry the full lineup of XM Radios.
  2. MM

    MM Administrator

    I guess I should get some new toys then. I really want a Wii.
  3. dlynx

    dlynx Member

    I find it kind of sad that Circuit City may go out. Just because it further limits my choice. Really the only big retailers of electionics in my area are them and Best Buy. CompUSA went out last year, and other then one other regional place it'll be a one trick pony around here.

    Guess I'll have to start buying more stuff online. It'll help with my compulsive buying habit anyways :)
  4. TSS Taylor

    TSS Taylor DRC Fan

    There is no question in my mind that if Circuit City goes out, Best Buy can raise prices and lower service and make a lot more money doing that.
  5. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    Yes we finally got a CC here in my area and they never have hardly anything in stock. I've tried to support them, but when Office Depot has more stock in terms of computer and accessories that is very telling.

    I too hate to see them go under, but the real deal is they simply have not kept up with the fast pace in which Best Buy has. It is through Best Buy pushing as hard as they did that Circuit City is in this condition, they just didn't keep up and when they tried too they didn't have the sales to back it up.
  6. MM

    MM Administrator

    I just realized that CC is where I got my plasma tv with their 5 year warranty. They better not go under.
  7. mynameisjamie

    mynameisjamie Member

    I agree with Taylor about BB about raising their prices. Is there even anything to compete with BB after CC goes down?
    Is there anything CC could do to save themselves?
    If CC does go tits-up I will be first in line for that sale.
  8. Not if I get there before you Jamie. I'm gonna get a wii, a new digital camera, and a new shelf of DVDs. Only if they sold beer and gasoline!
  9. Mopar86

    Mopar86 Member

    Really BB does do a lot to try and train employees, Cross training is mandatory as of a couple years ago so that agents could cover another section if they became busy. BB does however appeal to a wider audience. The aisles are clean and wide and the shelves are usually just at eye's something that makes the store look nicer. With a market that BB and CC share its the little things that can mean make or break these days IMO
  10. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    Mopar86, you made my point exactly. CC has done nothing to help themselves. Sure they closed a few stores, then opened some new stores in smaller markets thinking in those small markets they would be the only game in town. Clearly they quickly realized they were not competing very well with Best Buy.

    But I do agree with no competition Best Buy will be open to do what they want.
  11. Mopar86

    Mopar86 Member

    I'm no economists or MBA, but In my head I see that if CC can hire a new marketing agency, re-evalute their position, get some new regional managers ,and get back to the basics, instead they try to out-flash or out-spend BB, they might have a chance to exist.

    I mean we've seen banks fall this year, how unexpected would it be if we saw a few bigboxes fall too?
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  12. I do hope that this will increase sales for Radio Shack though. I am never happy to see a company go under, but I have always been partial to the shack from back in the day. From what I understand they aren't doing too well either. Maybe this is the end of them also, minus BB of coarse. This reminds me of the movie, Demolition Man. Remember that? Taco Bell was the only restaurant to survive the "franchise wars". All restaurants were Taco Bell and there food came in plastic juggs that looked like TUMS. Ok, I think I have done enough product placement for one post.
  13. TSS Taylor

    TSS Taylor DRC Fan

    Haha. I think it was Demolition Man who also made some reference to a President Schwarzenegger way before that was the agenda.
  14. Yeah, I remember Sandra Bullocks character being perplexed that he used to be a Hollywood film actor before his run in politics. This reminds me of being young in the 80's and learning about Regan. (This was before you were born Mopar86)
  15. ProperModulation

    ProperModulation Green Type of Tube

    I think it sucks. CC has always been my go-to place for electronics (other than tssradio of course... :) ). They've always had good online deals that you can get in store, and their return policy is way more friendly than BB. However lately the older stores are looking run down and lacking full inventory. Plus they have useless aisles with microwaves, guitars, and other junk that should not be there. They recently opened a new "test" store near me that is smaller and seems more like BB in that the service is horrible and they practically want your family history and a copy of your passport when you return an $8 item.

    If they go away or become more like BB then I will probably have to live with online purchases. If I'm going to have to deal with inconvenient returns, I might as well get the price breaks of buying online.
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  16. IdRatherBeSkiing

    IdRatherBeSkiing Sherbert is not and never will be ice cream

    I think the days of those great extended warrentees are probably near the end. Without CC, BB certainly will discontinue it. Probably switch to the ones they have in Canada.
  17. Mopar86

    Mopar86 Member

    I doubt it, they make an unbelievable amount of profit off of those, its a cornerstone of their sales strategy, they lose single digit percentages on those warranties so they'll surely keep them around, which ones does futureshop have?
  18. IdRatherBeSkiing

    IdRatherBeSkiing Sherbert is not and never will be ice cream

    They will repair your unit. If the repair takes over 60 days, they will give you a new one. If within 30 days of getting it back you have to repair it again, it will take up to 60 days and count as repair #2. If within the next 30 days you have to repair it again, they will give you a new one. If at any point you have it for more than 30 days, you start the repair counter over.
  19. Evil_Ernie

    Evil_Ernie Smell my finger

    I got my LCD tv there as well, but only a 3 year warranty.

    I'd rather go to Best Buy anyway. That's where I get my games and they do have a better selection of TVs should I need to upgrade in the near future.
  20. Chob

    Chob Well-Known Member

    Brutal. It's always been my experience that people at my local Best Buy had no clue what they're talking about, while Circuit City employees were usually a bit more knowledgeable. All I know is I never want to deal with Best Buy for anything satellite radio related ever again.

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