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Oct 11, 2008
Seattle, WA
I have opened a channel on EFnet. Please point your IRC clients to the EFnet server and join #DRC.

For those that aren't familiar with IRC, follow these easy instructions:

1. Download mIRC here: mIRC - Reviews and free mIRC downloads at

2. Install mIRC (installation instructions should be easy to follow, just like Next until you see the Finish button)

3. Open mIRC and fill in the fields (Full name [just put in any, such as your handle], E-mail address [you don't have to put it in, just make something up], Nickname [this would be your username], Alternate Nickname [IRC will use this nickname if the first one is already being used]

4. Click Servers on the left side of the window, and look for a folder that says EFnet and double click that and then "Random Server"

5. Click Connect (or the first icon at the top). Once you are connected, type /join #DRC

You are ready to chat.

Admin: This can be easily integrated into the website using a Java-based IRC client that automatically connects to #DRC @ EFnet.
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Oct 9, 2008
I think initially we want to stay with just using the forums themselves. We may have some special need down the road to offer a chat feature. But building up lots of useful info on the forums right now is the priority.

When you have a chat feature what happens is sometimes many good questions get answered and then that information is lost because it doesn't show up on the forum any where.