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  1. I have a great idea as I am being really facetious, lets just give all major rock bands their own channel and be done with it. We have all types of music channels, we need a goth/industrial/darkwave channel. We need a channel for geek stuff like what TechTV was with Leo Laporte, Kate Botello, and Patrick Norton.
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    Plus the .25 premium fee if you get the ala carte
  3. no prems add these channels and get rid of the 5 or 6 no name sports channels
  4. down4six

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    Amen Sister. :clap: I put that suggestion up in the old SBS.
  5. edgarb

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    Which are the noname sports channels? I only know of (and listen to) Sports Central, ESPN Radio, and NFL network. I know there are some play by play channels, but I don't even know what they play when games aren't on.
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    I'd listen to a goth channel, but I'd imagine it would be gone within a few months of being launched. It's too niche.
  7. there are so many subdivisions of goth and industrial, you can have all sorts of shows. I can tell you with all the movements and bring in "gothic beauty" mag, with "Dark side of the net" and even Fangoria and such, it would be a lifestyle, music, horror, macabre, even a bit of home decor, recipies by the listeners. I see a music based (more than 65%), then the rest is what I said above. OutQ plays a bit of tunes with a life channel to back it up, we are almost the reverse!!!
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    i would love a nerd-tech channel....
  9. My problem is you have channel like Hard Attack that has Metallica, Slayer, Pantera and all these different bands. I don't metallica. I'm looking for Stratovarius, Kamelot, Sonata Arctica, Drangfore and Gamma Ray. Many of these are finnish and fall under either Power Metal or Speed Metal. There is no mentions of these bands on any of the channels. Something like Stratovarius is far superior to me than something like Metallica. I could care less about Metallica.
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    Hard Attack did play "The Haunting" by Kamelot once. I almost shit.

    /am wearing a Kamelot tee right now.
    /they rule.
  11. I want a channel so I can hear the following:

    After Darkness
    Alien Sex Fiend
    All About Eve
    Altered States
    Andi Sex Gang
    Angina Pectoris
    Apocalypse Theatre
    Arcana Obscura
    Arts And Decay
    Daniel Ash
    Big Electric Cat
    Birthday Party
    The Bolshoi
    The Cain Principle
    Camerata Mediolanense
    Cancer Barrack
    Canticum Funebris
    Car Crash International
    Catastrophe Ballet
    Catherine's Cathedral
    Nick Cave
    The Changelings
    Children On Stun
    Christian Death
    Corpus Delicti
    Cradle of Spoil
    Creaming Jesus
    The Creatures
    Cries Of Tammuz
    The Cruxshadows
    The Cult
    The Damned
    Danse Society
    Dark Side Cowboys
    Das Ich
    Dawn Fades
    Death in June
    The Deep Eynde
    Deine Lakaien
    Gitane Demone
    Der Prager Handgriff
    Diary Of Dreams
    Die My Darling
    Dreadful Shadows
    Dronning Maud Land
    Drown For Resurrection
    Emeralde Fear
    The Eternal Afflict
    Every New Dead Ghost
    Executive Slacks
    Fading Colours
    Faith And Disease
    Faith And the Muse
    Fields of the Nephilim
    Fortification 55
    45 Grave
    Diamanda Galás
    The Garden Of Delight
    Gargoyle Sox
    Ghost Dance
    Girls Under Glass
    Goethes Erben
    House of Usher
    In Faith
    Inkubus Sukkubus
    In My Rosary
    Kastrierte Philosophen
    Kill Sister Kill
    Kommunity FK
    The Last Dance
    Law Of The Dawn
    London After Midnight
    Love & Rockets
    Love Like Blood
    The Machine In The Garden
    March Violets
    The Marionettes
    Masochistic Religion
    Medicine Rain
    Mephisto Walz
    The Merry Thoughts
    Midnight Configuration
    The Mission
    The Morendoes
    Mors Syphilitica
    Peter Murphy
    Nature And Organisation
    Neither/Neither World
    Neuzeit Syndrom
    New Model Army
    Eva O. Halo Experience
    Panic on the Titanic
    Paralysed Age
    Placebo Effect
    Play Dead
    Project Pitchfork
    The Prophetess
    James Ray
    The Razor Skyline
    Red Lorry Yellow Lorry
    Return To Khafji
    Revolution By Night
    Rosetta Stone
    Screams For Tina
    Second Skin
    Secret Discovery
    Seraphim Shock
    Sex Gang Children
    Shadow Light
    Shadow Project
    The Shroud
    Silke Bischoff
    Siouxsie and the Banshees
    The Sisterhood
    Sisters of Mercy
    Sixth Comm
    Skeletal Family
    Sleeping Dogs Wake
    Sopor Aeternus
    Southern Death Cult
    Stone 588
    Sub Version
    Sunshine Blind
    Super Heroines
    Swans Of Avon
    Switchblade Symphony
    Tatmotiv Angst
    Tears Of Passion
    Tones on Tail
    The Tors of Dartmoor
    Two Witches
    UK Decay
    Umbra Et Imago
    Venus Walk
    Virgin Prunes
    The Wake
    Rozz Williams
    The Winter Chapter
    Xmal Deutschland

    and SKINNY PUPPY!!!!!!
  12. kingchuck69

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    Some of these bands can be heard on Dark Wave Sunday nights on 22 1st Wave.
  13. I sill think we need a full channel for it and the industrial bands too (one mixed channel)!!! One hour or two is not enough.
  14. I need to bring this back to the forefront, I am noticing I hear the same songs over and over again, I feel like I am listening to BAB on the Island!!!! I still want my Goth channel.
  15. jnj86

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    We either need a European Metal channel, or start incorporating more Euro metal into the Hard Attack playlist. I get a little tired of the "American" metal that's overplayed on Hard Attack. Sometimes I feel like Hard Attack has that terrestial radio feel to it, especially when new songs are played 3-4 times a day, day after day. There are so many great bands from Europe and all around the globe that would give so much depth to Hard Attack. I enjoy Hard Attack, but they need to broaden the horizon.
  16. I love slipknot but "psychosocial" 20 times a day is a bit terrestrial.
  17. hank-the-dwarf

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    If they get a Jethro Tull channel i am going to resubscribe!:yesshake:
  18. I want a full blown (no pun intended) type o channel!!!! I can imagine Steele doing a Dr. Ruth type sex show!!!
  19. HecticArt

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    This channel would make it to my presets.
  20. which channel my music one or my old school techtv one?

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