Can you Stand Another Racing Game?


Oct 30, 2008
Sure you can't help

I've been playing this game a couple years from the TriCities (Bristol) web site.
Its very easy and doesnt take much time, just pick your top ten drivers each week (Drag and Drop) No fee and there are National Prizes.

Also I created a public group called "MMMFans" that could use a few more players if you dont mind joining my league.
(And yes even though MMM isnt running there;s a few of us die hard fans of theres, its also the defacto board for Eric McClure fans for whom we have high hopes this year in better BH/Rensi equipment)

One of the features of's free auto racing
contest is that you can compare your scores with that of
your friends.

To join your friends' group, first sign up for the contest at,
which enables you to win prizes for each race or a grand prize
overall. Then, after you log in, click on the "My Groups"
tab, and then click on "Join a
Public Group."

Enjoy the season!