Buying Radios From Ebay. Any Suggestions??


Jan 20, 2009
Hi everyone,

It's been awhile since I posted here. However I did have a question on some advice. I am searching desperately for a lifetime subscription radio on ebay. I bought from one guy who was great and guarantee the lifetime subscription for 6 months. No joke after two days it went out after a subscription update. Thankfully he refunded my money both times but I think was annoyed and convinced that I called Sirius just to get my money back. I'm confused as to why that happened twice. I have a lifetime subscription radio in the car and wanted to have one in the house as well so I don't have to keep pulling it from the car. I don't know if anyone is thinking of selling one on here, but if so let me know.

Anyway I've been searching for this lifetime subscription radio and found a Starmate 1 on ebay. I have a Directed Electronics Solosist Universal Sound System and it lists Starmates 3 and 4 can work on it. Does anyone know why Starmates 1 and 2 would not work on it? Are the holes the same on those radios or am I wrong?

Thanks for any feedback or advice anyone can offer.