Bubba Replay date?


Dec 9, 2008
Does anyone know what date the show was from of the bubba show replay on saturday night?(5/30/09 ) It was a replay of when Tim Sabien and ronny were on.
Sounds like a pretty old one.


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Oct 21, 2008
That sounds interesting. It was from March 2007, I think. They played it Monday afternoon, for the holiday. (When Bubba isn't live on FM, Sirius listeners get old Sirius shows.)

Normally, it works like this:
Saturday at 1 AM ET is what was aired Friday at 10 AM ET.
Saturday at 3 PM ET is one from within the week
Sunday at 1 AM ET is one from within the week.
Monday at 1 AM ET is Tuesday's show.

There's only one Bubba show which does not get re-aired the next weekend and that is because Mastertape Theatre airs in that time.

I was listening Monday, June 1st at 1 AM ET. I heard "previously on the BTLS show" which lead into them interviewing the porn star on FM radio. I think that originally aired on Friday, May 22nd.

May 22nd - Porn star goes on FM radio.
May 26th - FM radio plays the appropriate "previously" bit, which gets aired on Sirius.
June 1st @ 1 AM ET - I hear porn star "previously" bit.

I think that's the timeline.