Brian France on TMD tommorow?


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Oct 22, 2008
Edmonton, Alberta
Egad. And hes going to take calls? Will the callers be legitimate or will they be staged like they were on The Drivers Seat last year? Also im curious to see if any tough questions will get asked or will everyone pussy foot around cause hes Brian France? I think tommorow we will get fed every kind of nonsense and BS you can imagine from him. He seems to like to answer questions with 1000 words so you can think he might be intellegent.

DP/Mike Bagley: "So Brian, what do you think about, one of your tv partners removing Nascar from the main page of their website?"

Brian France: "Two protons expelled at each coupling site creates the mode of force, the embryo becomes a fish that we don't enter until a plate, we're here to experience evolve the little toe, atrophy, don't ask me how I'll be dead in a thousand light years, thank you, thank you. Genesis turns to its source, reduction occurs stepwise though the essence is all one. End of line. System check, diagnostic functions within parameters repeats the harlequin the agony exquisite, the colors run the path of ashes, neuronal network run fifty-two percent of heat exchanger cross-collateralized with hyper-dimensional matrix, upper senses, repair ordered relay to zero zero zero zero"

DP/Mike Bagley: "I have no idea why people think your an idiot"