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Discussion in 'BlackBerry' started by Andrew8468, Sep 23, 2013.

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    BBC Breaking News ‏@BBCBreaking

    Smartphone maker Blackberry agrees to sell to group led by largest shareholder, Fairfax, for $4.7bn (£2.9bn)
  2. Andrew8468

    Andrew8468 Plans on freezing in the dark

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    So, blackberry is now a British company :confused:
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    Bad news, but not surprising, BB laid off tons of employees (4,500), and now they are pretty much selling to whoever. Word is the original founder of BB will buy it back, if thats true I imagine one of two things could happen:

    Blackberry exits the hardware market. Like Sega did after the dreamcast failed, they could market their software/security software as s suite for iphone/android/microsoft apps, and still sell to big companies that still lie using them for business, etc.

    OR, on the opposite end, Blackberry leaves the software end, and still markets hardware running the android OS, maybe with a tier that still has a BB keyboard, one without, with a BB layer on top, security, apps, etc sitting within android.

    I would wager the first option as being more likely, since I think it would be more cost saving to not produce their own hardware, and just have software devs without having to maintain their own OS and hardware division.
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    This is a case of "You snooze, you looze" :(

    Can't stop developing. Someone will come along & pass you :)
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    Yeah, sadly BB took far too long to come up with BB 10 as an OS and the hardware to go with it. It is a decent OS and hardware, but, about 2 or 3 years too late. Everyone moved on, even 80% of the diehards, out of neccessity. They were too comfortable with the hardware cycle of phones from the early 2000's, but now new phones and are launces every few months with all new feature sets, it was too much for them.

    This firm that bought BB is interesting, they will probably cut down the company more to make it leaner and more cost effiecent, not really caring about the quality of the product. Then once they cut costs and make it run a bit smoother, they'll sell it back off again to someone who wants to do something with the remaining staff and try to reshape it into something viable. Or it will just be bought by someone for the BB brand and take all the assets and use them for whatever they feel.
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    A couple notes to add.

    1. Fairfax owns 10% of Blackberry now.
    2. Fairfax is a Canadian company not British from what I have read.
    3. Mike L. owns 6% of Blackberry now.

    Just give me a phone with a keyboard that gives me a PHONE, email and Calendar. If Blackberry hardware is gone than hopefully MS gets the Nokia with a keyboard to the US. But I have 2 years to worry about that.
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    Someone reminded Samsung what Blackberry was.
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