BestBuy is getting ready for launch of SiriusXM Tour 360L plug and play radio


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Aug 7, 2011
All of this information is really helpful. I'm thinking of maybe going toward getting this radio. I will definitely look into about the lifetime subscriber transfer and glad to know this radio should be potential for doing that. If anyone got this, I would love to hear what people think about it as well. Again thanks so much for the responses about this. Also this might be a dumb question but does SiriusXM 2.0 mean something specific?
SiriusXM 2.0 was an enhanced modulation to increase channel capacity on newer radios- Here are the details:

Here is my personal opinion of the Tour:

I presently have the Onyx plus and the Sound station radio with a lifetime plan including streaming (Best $399 I spent :)
I decided to test drive the Tour radio over the holiday weekend to coincide with the free preview period till 7/5, so I could try the radio out and there was no disruption or complications with my existing radio/setup- In the event I was returning the radio.

So here goes my 1st hand opinion of this radio.
1st off I really like the Onyx plus with its ease and features, and wanted to see if I would be missing anything by not having the Tour instead.
I tested at home so I could try SAT and recognized my WiFi connection to see how it worked with some of the streaming channels (Which were in free preview mode so I was able to test it’s functionality)

I gave it a fair test run and some of the features just did not work:
When you power on the unit it does take much longer than other radios- The backgrounds are different from the Onyx plus as well.

The album art was never displayed, (Unlike the Onyx plus, there is no option to turn the Display on or off,. It is supposed to appear if there is artwork, it never did.)
The other feature I wanted to test was the voice control, I tested it at home with the existing Home dock from the Onyx plus and it never switched to the requested channel when I used the Voice option, kept on receiving error message saying unable to recognize, try again later.

The other functionality performed as expected, Once you understand how the functions work it’s pretty easy to figure it out.

I did like that you can hide channels without creating a lock, The Alerts are 50 total, the favorites are 18 (So a little less than the Onyx Plus which are 100 and 20), and the size of the unit is bigger that the current series of plug and plays.

The convenience of having all the channels (SAT, Internet, Pandora, On Demand, and Xtra channels) Is nice as a plug and play radio- but at home you will need SAT and Wifi, and in the car you will need SAT and a hot spot via your smartphone so all the non Sat channels/options can be used.

The Tour remote will be included as part of the home kit

I don’t think personally in the car I would use all the functionality, So I sent the unit back and remained with my existing Onyx plus.- Sometimes less is more and I appreciate what the Onyx plus does.

(I Just wanted to give a little feedback for those who my have been on the fence about trying the Tour out and provide some details on it’s functionality, and see if it's a radio I would use)


Jan 20, 2009
Satradiodude you are my hero! Thank you so much for writing such a detailed review of the Tour and comparing it with your radio. I appreciate you taking the time to write out such a helpful explanation about the Tour.

Ok so I'll just put it right out there ... I have not looked into a new radio for my car (period!). This is perhaps my own fault but I have been pleased with what the SL2 has offered and continued to simply use it. Now with the issues I'm having with it, I would be interested in going towards a new radio. You mentioned about the Onxy Plus and that it is the best $399 you spent with having your lifetime subscription with it. When you say that includes streaming as well, sorry to be not up on all of what that means. When you have a chance can you explain that? I like the price for the Onxy plus in comparison to the Tour. Again I'm coming from having a very basic radio (I suppose in comparison to the ones of today even though it wasn't so basic at the time of purchase) and that perhaps all the bells and whistles that the Tour offers sounds like I would be quite content in having with the Onxy plus. Do you know by chance with the Onxy plus if the antenna would be the same as the antenna that I plug into the SL2? One other thing just comparing, what is the difference between the Onyx Plus and the Onxy EZR?

Thanks again for this awesome and helpful review.
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Aug 7, 2011
Hey DJL,
Thank you for your kind and thoughtful comments :)

1st when I said I spent $399- that was by no means for the radio, that was the cost of the Lifetime membership.(Sorry for the confusion)

As far as the antenna- I don;t believe the Docks for SL2 will be compatible with the newer SiriusXM series of receivers- When you purchase the Car kit it does come with an antenna, and I would recommend the FM direct adapter

Streaming is part of the Select and All Access packages- So if you have a device that you can download the app you can listen.
(If you go to the SiriusXM website that will give you more details on devices, and the different channels that you can listen on-line (streaming) that you can't pick up on SAT. (Which includes all the SAT channels, On line channels, XTRA channels, On-Demand, and (Pandora w/ the all access package)

The newer radios also give the ability of picking up the channels in 3xx range that older radios can not)

The onyx plus offers more favorite presets, Alerts, and album display
The Onyx EZR does not have those features

Here is a link to all the current user guides and you can see the details for each specific radio:

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