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Discussion in 'SiriusXM Soundwave Cafe' started by mcf57, Dec 12, 2008.

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    I am looking at possibly getting the 'Best of XM' package for a Starmate 5 that I am considering purchasing. This will be a 4th radio in my account & all my other radios are subscribed as 'SIRIUS everything'. Will they simply charge me the standard additional radio fee of $6.99/month + $4 for the 'Best of XM' package ($10.99 total)? Or does this new Starmate 5 radio somehow have to be made the main radio in my account at $16.95/month?

    If I get compatible radios in the future, how much are additional "Best of XM' packages?

    Also, I notice from the online channel guide, there are several channels in the 'Best of XM' package that are listed as part of SIRIUS internet radio. Specifically ch195 (Oprah), ch197 (O&A), & ch208 (NHL). If I subscribe to this best of package, will these 3 additional channels simply show up on my online player?
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    I had a question related to this topic.

    How many $6.99 radios can you have on one account before paying full price again?
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    I believe its 4. The 5th additional radio will be at full price. If you are adding a full price one, you would be better off starting another account as future radios after that are also first price.

    ETA: This info is no longer prominently displayed on either XM or Sirius websites. But I found a reference to a 2003 XM press release announcing the family plan and it clearly says 4 additional radios. I find no reference to a family plan on Sirius at all.
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