Best earbuds for less than $100

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    OK, so maybe 100 bucks or less isn't cheap in the scheme of things, but when you take into consideration that some of the most highly rated, excellent-sounding in-ear headphones can cost more than $400 (or, if they're custom molded, close to a grand), a $75 pair suddenly doesn't seem so pricey. Plus, can you really put a price on great sound quality? Chances are, you're not getting it from the cheapo stock earbuds that most manufacturers include with their MP3 players. Taking that into account, we've rounded up a selection of great earbuds that cost less than $100. If you're looking for something even cheaper, check out our roundup of headphones for less than $50.
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    I have the sennheiser cx300 and I love them. You can find the on amazon for unde $40.

    They list around $79.99.

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