Best Buy offers used iPhones at lower price

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    Retailer Best Buy Co, seeking new ways to appeal to cost-conscious shoppers, said on Tuesday it is selling refurbished versions of Apple Inc's iPhone 3G at its stores that are priced about $50 less than new iPhones.

    The electronics chain said the used iPhones, which were returned within 30 days of purchase, are priced at $149 for the model with 8 gigabytes of storage, while the 16-gigabyte version is $249. A two-year service contract with AT&T Inc is required.

    New iPhone 3Gs currently sell for $199 and $299 at Best Buy Mobile stores.

    "This is focusing on customers' needs, trying to provide as wide a range of products and networks for our consumers," said Scott Moore, vice president of marketing for Best Buy Mobile.

    Buyers of first-generation iPhones can also upgrade to the faster refurbished 3G models at Best Buy, he said.

    Moore said AT&T, the exclusive wireless provider for the iPhone, offers refurbished iPhones online.

    The sale of used iPhones comes as Best Buy, the top consumer electronics chain, seeks ways to fend off increased competition from discounters such as Wal-Mart Stores Inc, which began selling the popular phone late last month.

    Wal-Mart sells a new 8-gigabyte iPhone 3G for $197 and $297 for the 16-gigabyte model. The iPhone is also sold at Apple stores and AT&T stores.

    Moore said Best Buy's move was not in response to other retailers' actions.
  2. Jleimer

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    Interesting , the 149 dollar used Iphones are also avaliable on AT&T's website.
  3. DAB

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    It is amazing that they would have such a big stock of these to be able to offer them up like this. Makes you wonder why folks bring them back before 30 days?
  4. Jleimer

    Jleimer Active Member

    I dont know maybe because they dont know how to use them , or they are too damn expensive.
  5. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    I tried one myself and loved it, but returned mine due to AT&T's horrible coverage in my area. Centennial Wireless in my area actually has towers in not only in the larger cities, but in the rural communities as well. AT&T doesn't and for whatever reason they won't roam off Centennial towers, yet Centennial roams off theirs just fine. This was one of the 1g phones though.
  6. Jleimer

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    I havent tried it myself , but I am eventually looking at it because it is like you have a computer with a few extras on it sure it might be expensive monthly , but with the rate they are going down price wise I might get one sometime in 09.
  7. SpaceKitty

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    Last July, I had purchased a white 3G and used it for a week. I was unhappy with the 3G and brought it back to the Apple store for exchange. The second one was the same way so I just kept it. I knew after this one that there was nothing wrong with the original but I had to try it. It was just that 3G was horrible in my area and I was trying to simly get 3G in my home.

    This was one example of how they get these phones and since it is used, they have no choice but to replace the battery and shell and sell it as a refurb. All Apple refurbs get a new shell and new battery so they look brand new. Only the serial number indicates that they are refurbs.

    AT&T has since improved the 3G signal in my area. I get 3G in my basement now.
  8. MM

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    I have the first gen iPhone and I do love it. Since I moved closer to a Metro area my service is nill. I want to get a 3G phone, but I can't justify it until AT&T improves service at my house.

    These prices are very tempting though. I do believe that Apple will have new Iphones coming out sometime this year.
  9. sjb4

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    Having just bought a full price 8 gig iPhone, I can understand why people return them. I had a BB Pearl and while it had its limitiations, it was very easy to use and I developed a very high comfort level with it and making modifications that suited my needs. The iPhone is more restrictive (unless jailbroken) and I would bet many of the returned iPhones are from people who just did not enjoy the interface it presents versus their previous phone.

    iPhone has some annoying things but I am getting used to them. My biggest pet peeves are the auto-lock feature and lack of email notification ( a single ding is pointless).

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