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Oct 11, 2008
Grand Rapids, MI
Every year, I give out the "Bee-otch of the Year" award to the dumbest, most-idiotic human being on my website, Yes, the Bee-otch of the Year this year was none other than George W. Bush.

However, last year, somebody suggested that I create the "Bee-otch of the Decade", and I totally agreed with the suggestion, and who should get this dubious honor. Oddly enough, it ain't Bush.

Read on. Yes, it's long, but you'll thank yourself.


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Well, I'm not all that predictable.

Back in 1999, I introduced the Bee-otch of the Day on this very website to call out those who, well, screw up. The Bee-otch of the Day went into the running for Bee-otch of the Week, Bee-otches of the Week went into the running for Bee-otch of the Month, and Bee-otches of the Month became nominated for Bee-otch of the Year.

However, last year, a poster on a message board I'm a regular of, told me that I should have the Bee-otch of the Decade. After all, my choices would be Kathie Lee Gifford (2000), Canadian radio magnate John Hayes (2001), The D.C. Snipers (2002), Saddam Hussein (2003) and George W. Bush (every year after 2004).

Naturally, Bush should be Bee-otch of the Decade. After all, he deceived a nation - if not, the world, He squandered the surplus Clinton left us when he left office in 2001, he lied to us about 9/11, and, well, we know the rest of the story. However, he's not the Bee-otch of the Decade.

Maybe Al Gore should be Bee-otch of the Decade. Think about it. His running mate in 2000 was Joe Lieberman, a man the Democrats hate. Because of Gore's decision, many Democrat voters voted for a third-party candidate like Ralph Nader. As a matter of fact, Nader got 2.7% of the vote in the 2000 election. Bush still lost the popular vote; Gore had 50,999,897 while Bush had 50,456,002. Maybe if Gore didn't choose the right-leaning senator from Connecticut, Dubya wouldn't have ruined this country and GM wouldn't have went through bankruptcy since they'd be making cars people could afford.

Of course, there's Osama bin Laden. After all, he allegedly was responsible for 9/11. However, there's those conspiracy theorists who claim that this country was responsible for the attacks. After all, the only video of the plane crashing into the Pentagon showed that the object that was supposed to be a plane resembled more like a missile. Plus, there was no way that the impact of the planes could have caused the World Trade Towers to collapse. After all, jet fuel's not even flammable. Trust me. Ask Jesse "The Body" Ventura.

Of course, there's Saddam Hussein. He planned 9/11 with his 'ol buddy Osama, right? Well, that's what the Bush administration wanted us to believe. Well, the WMD were nowhere to be found, so there.

There's numerous choices for Bee-otch of the Decade. How about Jon and Kate? Paris Hilton? Lindsay Lohan? Chris Brown? How about the FCC for telling us what is/isn't acceptable? Pat Robertson? Virtually everybody who's been in a reality show? Brad Bitt and Angelina Jolie? Maybe we should award the news media for overhyping the above. Or, how about we give the Bee-otch of the Decade Award to Walmart for destroying main street America even further and forcing many Americans to work for them and their lousy wages. How about Bernie Madoff for his ponzi crap or businesses for not giving employees raises, even though the bosses get to go on lavish vacations?

Well, in part, they ALL deserve Bee-otch of the Decade. But, I've created an ultimatum.

I've decided to award Bee-otch of the Decade to the people that have allowed this all to happen. The people who talk but don't walk. The people who worry about losing their jobs to foreigners but yet go to the store and buy clothes made in a Taiwanese sweat shop. The people who worry about their downtown main street and yet they buy from Walmart. The people who hate the president but don't vote. The people who can't think for themselves, so they've allowed the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly to think for them instead of Thom Hartmann, Rachel Maddow and Randi Rhodes to think for them instead. Not to mention, these people buy from Rush's sponsors instead of Hartmann's.

Congratulations, the Bee-otch of the Decade Award goes to US.

I think we've all done something that has turned America - and the world - into a living hell. We shop at a big box store instead of the locally-owned shops run by folks who love and take care of the communities they serve. We buy cars made in Japan by people who are given free health insurance and can live off of top ramen while the $30 per hour union workers here in American struggle day-to-day. Instead of walking, we only talk and don't act.

OK, I'll admit: I didn't vote in the 2000 election. 1) I was out of the area Election Day and didn't get an absentee ballot and 2) I didn't like either Bush nor Al Gore. True, I love Gore for his efforts in helping the environment, but like I said earlier, Joe Lieberman is a backstabber. However, I did vote in the 2004 election and all elections onward.

I'm very happy to say that I do my best to support local businesses instead of big chains like Walmart. After I saw "Capitalism: A Love Story", I wanted to shop at a locally-owned store instead of Meijer, but I had no choice. I was too far from one. True, Meijer's based here in Grand Rapids, they're also one of the biggest retailers in the midwest. They are lesser of the two evils between them and Walmart, especially since they don't have a bleeped-out CD selection and they have workers who have been there for years with little turnaround.

If you think that Walmart is evil, go back to the 1930's. In my old hometown of Elk Rapids, MI, downtown was a cornucopia of restaurants, small shops and a movie theatre. In 1938, there was a grocery store downtown called A.P. Wilson's, and Mr. Wilson was one of these guys who knew everybody's name and had everything behind the counter. One day, Mr. Wilson was greeted by a man in a suit. The man said something to the tune of "Hi! I'm from the Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company and I'm interested in buying your store." Mr. Wilson wasn't interested and the man continued, "Well, then we'll go ahead and buy out one of your competitors and you'll go under anyway." Within a few weeks, the A&P sign was hanging over the door at Wilson's old grocery store.

If you think that Walmart's domination of the retail market's bad, look at A&P; while Wallyworld has 4,300 stores, A&P had 16,000 in the 1930's. Most of their stores were in small towns and were about 5,000 square feet or less.

However, by 1970, A&P's market base had been cut down by 3/4 to only 4,000 stores. Part of the reason was due to larger stores replacing smaller ones with more efficiency and competition from (gasp) independently-owned stores in smaller towns.

In 1949, a man named Don Pozolo and his wife Mary rented out a gas station on the town's east side and brought groceries to that part of town. Around that time, A&P was starting to build bigger stores in larger cities and felt that building a bigger store in a podunk town like Elk Rapids - current population 1,700 - wouldn't be efficient. So when the lease ran out on his old gas station, Don purchased land across the street and built a much bigger store to put the 'ol A&P to shame. A&P would survive another decade before closing up shop in Elk Rapids in the late 60's.

As for Don's Supermarket? Well, after suffering health problems - probably due to stress - he sold his store to the Young and Prince families in 1974 with the Youngs buying out the Princes a few years later. Today, the Village Market is now run by two generations of Youngs, and the village is pretty lucky to have a family-run store that's reinvested a chunk of their profit back into the community. Today, many organizations, such as the town's schools and other community events have the Young family to thank. Even when it was announced that Walgreen's wanted to build a store a few years ago, the town's residents stood together and fought against them since it would have been a slap in the face to the Young's philanthropic efforts.

Heck, there's not even a McDonald's in Elk Rapids, and it might be one of the largest towns in northern Michigan without one. Wanna cheeseburger and fries? You actually have to go to one of the town's sit-down restaurants and order one cooked to order that will *actually* digest in your stomach. You might have to pay a few bucks more, but oh well.

You see, folks, the example of Elk Rapids shows that sometimes, the small guy is way better. Elk Rapids loves the Village Market and the Village Market loves them back. However, these same family-run grocers that kicked A&P out of town in the 1960's are now struggling, especially the ones that are 15 miles down the road from a Walmart Supercenter. Maybe if the Don Pozolos of the world were still alive today, they'd find their current biggest-weakness and build a store that would put them to shame.

I guess the moral is simple: maybe if we'd find our biggest weaknesses, we wouldn't be bee-otches. We're not perfect, and yet it's our imperfections that are bringing us down. True, we have a president that has been in office for not even a year, but we need to give him a chance. He's even told us that the only way we can reshape the nation is if we work together. Can we do it? Yes we can! However, thanks to the yahoos that still think that the Oxy-induced Rush is right, the sink-or-swim philosophy is, well, pointing to 'sink'.

Regretfully, as much as I hate to say it, hate this past decade? Blame yourself.


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Dec 21, 2009
wrong about Lieberman

Gore's choice of Lieberman for VP did NOT cost Gore the election. On the contrary, the selection of Joe Lieberman circa 2000 would have and should have secured Florida's electoral votes. The reason the Gore/Lieberman ticket lost in Florida in 2000 was because as many as 8,000 voters in Palm Beach County were confused by the butterfly ballot (which the Democratic party approved) and consequently mistakenly voted for Pat Buchanan instead of Gore/Lieberman as they had intended.


Dec 16, 2008
We have a few towns around here with "no chain stores" ordinances. It really nice to not have a fast food joint and a starbucks on every corner -imo.


Oct 19, 2008
Toledo, Ohio
Not to bump my post, but thanks for the nice comments, folks!

Thanks for the post AND the bump. I finally got a chance to read it.

Very well said!

Our "little town" had the honor of having more restaurants per capita than any other city. (I don't know where we stand today.) The variety is pretty fantastic, (but for some reason we don't have a Cuban restaurant) but we still see the sheep lined up outside of the Olive Garden while we're on our way out to one of the fantastic locally owned restaurants that we love. I don't understand why people can't grasp that their well being is linked to the local proprietors.

Kudos for you observation and taking the time to share it with the world.