Bad Driver2Crew during the race?


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Feb 9, 2009
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Did anyone else have problems with the Driver2Crew feeds today during the race? For most of the race at the beginning there was lots of cutting in and out of the crew radios, and then there were times when they weren't broadcasting at all (just the PRN feed)! For the rest of the race it went on like that cutting in and out.

THEN right before the red flag for the rain delay, I was listening to Junior's channel, and he was swearing a bit on it when suddenly a voice from nowhere (I don't think NASCAR) came over the radio and said "Monitor your radio guys!" before suddenly changing over to Logano at the front!

Now I don't know if that was the Sirius crew who were telling their people to keep on top of the "button" to mute out his cursing, and if they suddenly decided to change over to Logano because of that?

All I know is that the feed was crap today and for some reason they keep leaving Junior (who WAS in the Top 15) and deciding to change the driver right during the race while we're listening to a particular guy! Ridiculous Sirius!!! :bigahh:


Nov 30, 2008
Buckeye Lake, Ohio
2 weeks in a row now...24 supposed to be on 126....shows it them on the radio....but, it's not. I don't mind if someone else is on...but, if you tell me he's on and show he's on...then have him on.:mad:


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Feb 21, 2009
Yeah, the Kenseth channel was messed up early. According to others on the Kenseth forum NASCAR's Trackpass scanners were messed up too.

And I was NOT impressed when the switched Kenseth's channel over to Kurt Busch just before the big one. Why ask the fans who they want to listen to if they're not going to abide by their vote?