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  1. I think that is what I need. I have a audio file in MP3 format that I download. Listening to the whole file is mutiple hours long, but it is all in one track. So if I want to fast forward a ways ahead on my portable player it takes a long time.
    I'm looking for software that will take that file, and break it down into multiple tracks. So it will be easier to fast forward on my MP3 portable player.
    Can anyone suggest some software that will allow me to do this ? Really that is all the editing I need. So hopefully some software that is "fairly easy to use". What would be a winner product to use ? Nothing too complex. I am not doing anything in a professional setting. Just for home use.

    What would this "feature" I am looking for in the software be referred to as ? Breaking one long track into multiple tracks.
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  2. memebag

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    Audacity will do what you want, and it's free.
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  4. Thanks. I will give one of them a try.
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    Yep, Audacity is great, Goldwave in another alternative.
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    ^ This. Audacity rules
  7. So I have been trying to use audacity. Can't seem to figure out what to do though. I am trying to take one file that is multiple hours long, and break it up into multiple tracks. Has anyone done this before that knows how to do it ? Maybe provide me a link to a page on how to do this. I can't seem to come up with anything in the help area. I'm probably not entering the right key words. Not even sure what you call this editing feature. Any assistance would be appreciated.
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    Have you tried just splitting the track and saving the parts?
  9. No I have not. I will look into that. I'm hoping to split the splits multiple times ;) The software is a little overwhelming since I have not used audio editing software in the past. I'll get it eventually......
  10. memebag

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    You can split a track as many times as you like.

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