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ATW 272 should be...

  • Your first paying job

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  • Card Games

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  • AM Radio personalities

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  • Provocative Album Covers

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  • DRC Games Lounge

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Dec 16, 2008
Amsterdam in the Rockies
Here's the choices, vote early and often (Chicago only!)

Your first paying job - Self-Explanatory.
Card games
AM Radio Personalities - Your favorite from past and present
Provocative Album Covers - Albums you owned (or didn't own) who's cover had an 'edge' about it
DRC Games Lounge - Pick your favorite clue from your favorite game


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Oct 11, 2008
not sure how to represent twin oaks day camp in avatar form so im going with an image from wet hot american summer where slattery is discussing the camp play with amy and telling her how blocking works. meta humor at its finest.

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Oct 11, 2008
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When I was 10 or so, my sister was in the Pasadena Strawberry Festival beauty pageant. I was sent to the carnival by myself with no money while my mom did her makeup and hair and such. The carnival was fascinating, but a bit frustrating with no money. I was hanging around watching the carnival games when the lady who ran the dart toss asked if I wanted a job. She told me to blow up the balloons, put them on the nails and don't get hit by the darts. She said it was OK if I was a little slow blowing them up, since the empty spaces reduced the odds. Soon I realized how the con worked. There were many levels of prizes. The rubes had to pay for 3 more darts and turn in their last prize to get the next level prize. The price of the darts was more than the price of the prizes, even if you hit all three every time.

At the end of the evening she paid me $8. I immediately blew it on other carnival games.