At&t Buys Directv

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    AT&T buys DirecTV for $48.5 billion

    AT&T agreed Sunday to buy DirecTV for about $48.5 billion in yet another mammoth deal in the pay-TV space this year that would immediately boost the telecom giant's customer base at a time of confounding industry challenges.

    The merger, which both boards approved Sunday, is the latest evidence of TV-industry consolidation, one born of telecommunications companies' desire to amass customers and control content and delivery. With streaming and wireless technology upending the industry, cable and satellite service providers are rushing to add product options while boosting revenue per customer to please shareholders.

    In the deal, AT&T would pay DirecTV shareholders $95 per share. Including DirecTV's debt, the total transaction's value is about $67.1 billion.

    "Customers will be able to get wireless, voice, data, TV and home security from the same company nationwide," says Roger Entner, an analyst at Recon Analytics. "It allows (AT&T) to grow the share of consumers' spending on telecom."
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    Hmmmm.......... If Uverse carries Sunday ticket I may switch off the satellite. I do have uverse internet and my phone is AT&T. Probably end up costing more in the end anyway.
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    I have AT&T so looks like I can finally watch football games on my iPad, as long the package deal isn't bad.
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    FCC meets with AT&T and DirecTV as merger nears approval | The Verge

    Top executives from AT&T and DirecTV met with FCC officials at the agency's headquarters in Washington yesterday, according to CNN. The meeting comes as a big merger between the two is said to be nearing completion and a stamp of approval from regulators.

    During yesterday's exchange, the FCC and AT&T / DirecTV reportedly went over conditions that the combined company will have to honor for the transaction to go through. One of those is abiding by the FCC's new net neutrality framework, something AT&T is apparently willing to do — even as it sues the commission over those very rules. Other than that, CNN says that regulators don't intend to stick AT&T with "onerous" or inconvenient terms.

    It's been over a year since AT&T and DirecTV first announced their plan to join up, and although the deal has seen a very lengthy review process, it has avoided the fierce scrutiny and overwhelmingly negative public feedback that proved too much for Comcast's Time Warner Cable takeover to overcome. Comparatively, AT&T and DirecTV have had an easy go of it so far.

    This deal also sets important precedent for the rumored merger between Dish and T-Mobile US. Fundamentally it'd be a very similar situation that would end up pairing a phone company with a satellite company that's always wanted to be something more. Seeing the government sign off on AT&T and DirecTV's merger should give Dish plenty of confidence to officially launch its pursuit of John Legere's T-Mobile.
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    Looking at ditching my cable company. As long as Verizion doesn't buy them, I'm curious.

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