Artie's wrong (about sports)

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by AJ_II, Feb 3, 2009.

  1. AJ_II

    AJ_II Well-Known Member

    We have a "Robin's wrong" thread, so here's the Artie version, only this one is dedicated to his (lack of) knowledge on sports. He claims to be a huge sports fan, yet he gives out incorrect facts on an almost daily basis.

    If this irritates anyone else as much as me, feel free to contribute...

    Today (2/3), he said that Michael Jordan was the 2nd overall pick in the draft, when actually he was picked third. Not that big a deal you may say, but Sam Bowie was not the only guy picked ahead of him...Hakeem Olajuwon was as well.
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  2. AJ_II

    AJ_II Well-Known Member

    Also, over the past couple of weeks, he has constantly been referring to the Arizona Cardinals as Phoenix. Yeah, they used to be named the Phoenix Cardinals, but not anymore. He called Richard a homo for saying the "Boston Patriots" (even though they used to be called the Boston Patriots), so he should get the Arizona Cardinals right.
  3. Ifandorbut

    Ifandorbut Well-Known Member

    I think his J.J. Sabathia remark needs to be put into this thread.
  4. geosync

    geosync Well-Known Member

    He also initially thought MJ was picked second, and Sam Bowie was drafted by the Seattle Sonics.
  5. AJ_II

    AJ_II Well-Known Member

    Well he did say it was EITHER Seattle or Portland that drafted that wasn't too bad.
  6. blyons200

    blyons200 These pretzels are making me thirsty.

    He doesn't really know as much as he lets on. But compared to Howard he is a sports guru, and Howard thinks he is. I think he likes sports simply for the gambling aspect. While real sports fans love it simply for the love of the game.
  7. Elwood

    Elwood Member

    I like hearing sports gambling stories, but not gamblers talking about sports.
  8. sjb4

    sjb4 Member

    When Mark Bavaro was on, he swore that Buddy Ryan had been a Giants coach. Mark gently corrected him by saying that if he was, it must have been before his time. Buddy was a Jets coach for many teams but never the G-men.

    Pretty sad when you can't even speak coherently about the teams you supposedly love - the Giants and Yankees.
  9. Vargas

    Vargas Molon Labe!

    Much like his musical tastes, Artie's sports preferences are still stuck in the late 70's early 80's.

    He could probably do really well on a late 70's trivia but anything after about 1987 he gets pretty sketchy on.
  10. Bark

    Bark Hey Now!

    Biggie Smalls? :smug:
  11. jamesp717

    jamesp717 Member

    Hey Now

    He sounds like an expert on so many subjects, I mean he always has something to say no matter the topic. :bigahh:
  12. Jgatie

    Jgatie Banned

    Yes, I'd much rather listen to someone who says one thing (over and over and over again) about the same topic.
  13. RDog

    RDog Well-Known Member

    Let's not forget all his references to JEROME Shockey, then of the Giants...
  14. Steel Cranium

    Steel Cranium Well-Known Member

    Something he did get right this morning...

    "Cox is the official cable company of the Mets", along with the Mets battle cry song with "knock those two balls over the wall". Niiiiice.
  15. Jgatie

    Jgatie Banned

    Another "Artie has no clue about sports outside the Yankees" moment this morning. Artie claims Roger Clemens was "on the bubble" for the Hall of Fame when he left the Red Sox. Bullshit. Clemens was a sure fire first ballot lock for his career with the Sox alone. Two 20 strikeout games, 3 Cy Youngs (1 unanimous), 2590 K's, the most dominant pitcher of his era, and in only 12 seasons he is tied for winningest pitcher in Red Sox history (tying Cy Young himself), with the best winning percentage (1 loss less than Cy Young).

    Artie is an idiot.
  16. Bark

    Bark Hey Now!

    Artie is a Yankee fan.


    Yankee fans are idiots. Did I get that right? :D
  17. Jgatie

    Jgatie Banned

    Nah, my brother in law is a Yankee fan and he's actually pretty bright. We just don't talk baseball around playoff time.
  18. Bark

    Bark Hey Now!

    Hmm . . . what about, "All idiots are Yankee fans," instead then? :D
  19. AJ_II

    AJ_II Well-Known Member

    Artie actually had a pretty good line on yesterday's show. Howard played that clip from Joke Hunt and they were saying how disgusting it was to hear about Jackie being oiled up with Astroglide. Artie said, "When someone says Astroglide, I picture Cesar Cedeno sliding into second." Nice one Artie!


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