Artie Sucks

Oct 14, 2008
After listening to Artie blather on and on about his hooker, his Vegas story and slamming Angie Everhart, it is so evident how unfunny this fat junkie really is. After the last week of Mammary Lane, Jackie is so much better than Artie by miles. His chuckle elicits more laughter from me than one of Artie's rehashed stories. The sooner Artie leaves the show the better.
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Oct 13, 2008
Canada Eh!
I dunno, I like Artie. He does need to get his shit together because it is getting old but the guy is funny.
I'll admit I thought today would have been a bit better than it was since they were off for a week. After the Christmas break they were on a roll of great shows. What can you do? You win some and lose some. It's only a show to me.
As for the Angie Everhart interview. That sucked on a number of different levels none of which I think had to do with Artie.

Mammary lane was hit and miss for me. Some of it had me laughing my ass off and some was just boring. I actually liked the 'newer' stuff they played with Artie better than most of the Jackie clips.


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Oct 11, 2008
im an artie fan. i guess im in the minority now but i still cant get enough of his drug woes. i just got finished listening to the week of shows before the vacation and i am fascinated with his morbid comments and i really would like to know what that big thing in his life is that has him even more fucked up these days. its kinda like the reality tv i like. maybe it says something about me but i enjoy watching other peoples misery, ie intervention, survivorman, and artie on the stern show.

on top of that i think he is funny as hell. his stories are great and usually when he 'crowbars' something into a conversation it makes me laugh. now its not like i would ditch the show if he left, but i think he add a great deal of content both in the comedy and drama department.



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Oct 13, 2008
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im an artie fan. i guess im in the minority now

You're not alone. I still like the fat man. Of course, I wasn't around when Jackie was still part of the show, so I have nothing to compare Artie to like most of you do. The only exposure to the Jokeman I have are from the specials, old E! shows, and Joke Hunt.
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Oct 12, 2008
I don't mind Artie, but I think much like Stuttering John's last couple of years, Artie's time on the show might have run its course. He's still a funny guy and he totally gets the show, but like Artie I'm a more than a little sick of Artie.

I don't think that the Artie era and the Jackie era are even remotely comparable. The show was better when Jackie and Fred and Robin all mixed it up with Howard. That was the best radio I've ever listened to. I would think that the last History of Howard Stern would help to validate that thought, but I guess if you didn't hear it the first time it might not hold the same significance to those that did.


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Oct 11, 2008
As a Cubs fan, I'd think you'd have an affinity for losers...

Count me in the "Like Artie" column. I thought his Vegas stories were good.

And at least his lines are off-the-cuff, not a catalog of old joke books... ;)


Oct 13, 2008
Hey Now

Goes without saying, you know where to count me !

You can even count me twice if you like.

:crazy:artie sucks:crazy:


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Oct 15, 2008
And at least his lines are off-the-cuff, not a catalog of old joke books... ;)

meh, a lot of his jokes and stories are exactly the same.

I like artie, i just got sick of the drama with his rehab stories. Leave it out of the show for now