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Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by AJ_II, Oct 26, 2008.

  1. AJ_II

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    Over the past several months, Artie has rarely appeared on The Wrap Up Show. The first couple years at Sirius, it seemed like he was on the show 80-90% of the time. But no more. I have to admit, TWUS is much better with Artie than without. To be honest, I rarely even listen to it anymore. Jon Hein has gotten really annoying for some reason. Maybe now that Artie is done with his book, he'll have more time to do TWUS.
  2. mrpacs

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    I enjoy TWUS.
  3. VinnyM27

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    Was he on that often? I remember Robin used to be on there once in a while, too.

    I totally agree on the John Hein thing. Ready for some theories? It's not a theory, but an opinion. I think he is a nerd bully. He is always giving the business to JD and its almost worse the same that Hein does it with that crazy air of superiority. You kind of feel that Howard, even though he speaks on the air around 20 hours a week yet is hardly on it verbally and grammatically for that entire time, is sort of laughing with JD. Hein is just a smug bastard toward most people. It might have something to do with his standardized testing job. You're right or wrong...there is no room for mistakes....and poor JD a damn erase smug.

    What were we talking about? Artie? You know what's up? Back on the smack! I wish they would try to bring him on at least once a week. When he is on, they are pretty exceptional. I noticed that more than ever, while I attempt to listen to the Wrap Up show, I often fast forward through most of it.
  4. Ifandorbut

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    He can't make it...the schedule is a bear.

    He's cutting back on his stand up gigs, so there's not as much a need to promote, promote, promote.
    Besides, like Howard he probably can't wait to get the eff out of the studio and head on home.
  5. no1hedberg

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    Your probably on to something with the plugs. If he's not doing so many shows less need to plug. He also has the therapy excuse 2 days a week, so that gets him out of it half the time.

    Not to change the subject, but I saw Artie in Pittsburgh the other night, and he looks 1000% better. He looked like he was gonna drop dead any second on that man caves show.
  6. Neigh

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    1. Artie generally elevates the subject matter. I assume he is busy with book publicity these days?

    2. John Hein and Gary seem to think an hour featuring JD or an hour featuring Sal is radio gold. Some fans seem to feel the same way. JD is noboby and does not aspire to be anybody. A little JD goes a long way. Sal is an air-time whore who will do anything for attention. Thus, all of his personal bits seem contrived.

    3. I have not thought of John Hein in the same way ever since he proudly stated that he did not let his kids vote for the American Idol. Since then he seems kind of a pompous prude... not a Howard Stern person (although Howard sometimes seems to be going in the same direction).

    4. When Artie or a celebrity guest joins TWUS I think John and Gary do a very good job.
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  7. GoodDog

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    I don't see the need for a daily WUS. If the Stern show has a controversial few minutes, then a WUS could serve a purpose but really what needs to be wraped up anymore? the last good WUS was the Artie Teddy fight show.

    Besides I hate the opening for it with the endless over pronunciation of the word “show†“The wrap Up ShAAAAAAow:bigcry:
  8. DoublEE

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