Appeal denied.


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Oct 11, 2008
land of confusion
if that wrecker jacked the back of that car up that much and they wasn't able to determine this until they got cat the car back to the r&d center, then i'm thinking they better start taking more cars back to r&d after the race.


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Oct 14, 2008
Southern Colorado
I don't understand why so many of the 128 listeners feel so sorry for Childress. I don't recall such an outpouring when the 2-4-8 cars failed inspection due to body massaging at Sonoma a couple years ago.

I don't feel sorry for Childress specifically. I just think it's a load of horse manure.

1/16th of an inch just cost him a shot at the championship. I think the owners should pitch in and buy safety barriers for the front bumper of the wreckers so this doesn't happen again.

BTW- Congrats to NASCAR for crowning JJ your 2010 champ.....