Anyone have the Blitz on VZW's network?


Power Pig, Hello!
Oct 12, 2008
So it's new phone time, and I need to find a replacement for my LG vx8350. I hate phones with antennas and thanks to the vx8350 I now hate flip phones. Doesn't leave me a lot of choices in the batch that our contract makes available to us (it's a work phone).

Anyhow, I used to have a chocolate, and I like slider phones, and this looks interesting to me: verizon blitz cell phone (unofficial site, but has most of the details). Other options that meet my completely arbitrary personal requirements are a Juke or another Chocolate (last generation, not the new flippy Chocolate 3 - ick).

I don't need fancy, and I text about as much as I call, so the QWERTY keyboard is attractive. I understand it doesn't do EVDO, also no big loss for me. Just wondering if anyone has one and what their opinions are.