Anyone else having signal issues in Northern Virginia


Nov 19, 2008
I started having signal issues last night. First it only gave me one bar and would go in and out. Now I can't get a signal at all. Let me say on my drive from Springfield to Tysons this morning the radio had no signal except for one split second where it came in.

I've had some issues before with signal but it never went totally out. It just fluctuated in and out. I found out that issue was caused by a repeater problem. I have also read on this forum where others have had signal issues due to Sirius repeaters having trouble. I was just curious if anyone else in Northern Virginia is been having any issues at this time.


New Member
Mar 3, 2009
I started having problems with my Soloist in my office yesterday. It keeps displaying Acquiring Signal and I'm getting nothing. The signal indicator shows 3 bars for the terrestrial signal and no bars for the satellite signal. No problems over the last 6 months until yesterday. I'm in the Ballston area in Arlington, VA. Thought the snow storm yesterday might be the problem, but there is not a cloud in the sky today.