Anybody Using A Surface Pro?

Discussion in 'General Computer Talk' started by HecticArt, Feb 15, 2017.

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    Work has me scheduled for an upgrade of my laptop, and a Surface Pro 4 is an option.
    Its got an i7 -6650U processor w/ 16 gig of memory. (Same basic specs as the laptop that they have available.)

    I've been out of the computer/tablet shopping game for a bit, so I haven't been paying too much attention to how well the Surfaces are standing up as crossovers between laptops and iPads.

    I run Revit, Autocad, and Photoshop a lot, so it needs to keep up.

    It would be nice to trade in my i5 3340M laptop and iPad 4 and only have to travel around with one device.

    Thought from the crowd that has kept up to date on this stuff?
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    I don't but I have a friend who uses it. He has a docking station with 3 monitors at home and docks it there and uses it. Takes it with him it becomes his tablet / laptop. He seems to enjoy the setup. Not sure which Surface he is using. Got the setup about a year ago.
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    There's two other people in my division that are due for an upgrade too.

    My boss and I were talking to the IT guy this afternoon, and he's going to give me one to demo first.

    I can give it back if it doesn't work for me. Win win!

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