Any Shoutcast Users?

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    Jebus, where you been man? Shoutcast has pretty much been a household name for broadband Internet users who want constant audio (and later video) entertainment since easily the year 2000. I started messing around with doing my own Shoutcast broadcasting in 2002 (with nobody paying any attention or caring), joined some stations that were already established Shoutcasters in 2004, and started my own Shoutcast-based station in 2006.

    The only downside is there's still no easy way to get Shoutcast stations in your car.
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    I broadcasted with Shoutcast servers back in about 02 or 03, and earlier, my brother also had as station set up when it was first released. I didnt get many listeners, but it was still fun. I did it again for a short time about a year or so ago, and enjoyed DJ'ing and making playlists. It's very easy to set a station up.

    But, as for listening, Yeah, Shoutcast has been my goto place to find something to listen to in the internet for the longest time now, I have tons of stations favorited over the years.
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    I use shoutcast pretty much every day! I stream mainly the stations from digitally imported radio!
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    When I'm not listing to Sirius Online, I use Shoutcast to get my downtempo electronica fix from SomaFM. It's great stuff! I don't use any special software other than listen to the streams thru iTunes.
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    What's a chumby?
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    chumby internet radio player, digital picture frame, alarm clock - more!

    It's a geeky sort of gadget, sits on your desk, you can load up different little apps. They range from being useful little readings, like news and weather, and playing Pandora radio stations, shoutcast, shows pictures, any sort of status updates in twitter, facebook, etc. Basically, its a way to serve up content quickly and easily for you. Theres also silly information and games you can load up, but they are still fun. It's a multifunction little toy, and I'm pretty close to getting one.

    Chris Pirillo turned me on to it about a year ago, and lately I've been seriously thinking about it.

    Look at Chris Pirillo's littel video blurb about it.
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    Worth it? It's all relative I guess. It's basically a $180 alarm clock with 1,000's of widget's to choose from . I love mine and I'm getting my kid's each one for their birthday's. I really like my Chumby. :)
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    It's pretty amazing just what one can listen to on Shoutcast. One thing that you can listen to that people often overlook is the ability to listen to various police and fire agencies. We have been broadcasting our local fire department for a while now. Here is our station if anyone would like to have a look. It is live audio from the Edmonton Fire Department. Most of the people that listen are off duty firefighters and EMS workers that like to keep an ear on what is happening around they city.

    Most of the time we have between 10 and 20 concurrent listeners however last week when we had an explosion at a local plastics plant we had peaked at 49 listeners out of a max of 50.
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    I forgot all about police scanners and such! Very cool that those are still around on shoutcast, I used to tune into different ones from time to time.

    Also, gamingfm was awesome, but had server problems the last few years, but it an awesome source for video game music.

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