Antenna alteration???


Sep 20, 2009
I am new to this- but have a stilletto w/ home kit and auto kit...

I like ear bud use for the stilletto (instead of the uncomfortable headset) but still need the stock headset for reception even though I can plug in ear buds in the auxillary jack on the stilletto...Obviously ridiculous to need both...

So has anyone contrived a CLEAN setup using say- the plug in accessory for the computer or chop off the headset plug, and adapt the stilletto for use with the portable auto antenna???

It seems awfully quirky to not make this setup more user friendly with an alternative accessory package...

Any thoughts would be apreciated...Thanks



New Member
Dec 20, 2009
I've read the old backstage info, and wonder if something hasn't changed. I was installing my new SL2 into my truck, and discovered that the SL2 would use an external antenna when plugged into the universal dock from a Sportster 4 (with no external power). It recognized the antenna, and ran it from the battery of the SL2.

In other words, if I took apart the Sportster 4 dock, and broke it down into more of a wire with hookups for external power (if available), an antenna (which would be the point), and a headphone jack, you could use any antenna with the SMB connector on it, and headphones.

To me, this would be key for using the SL2 on my bike in place of my iPod and not needing to mount it to the handlebars. I could mount the antenna where I wanted (helmet?), and just carry the SL2 in a pocket.