Another strange SL100 quirk


Oct 16, 2008
I record the midnight Howard replay every night.

The next morning, at work, if I put the radio into my home dock, power it on, it comes up in sat mode. Then I go to the main menu, tehn to library, and listen to recorded content all day at work.

Doing the above results in the radio running very hot, warm to the touch, likely because even though I am listening to recorded content, the satellite receiver never shuts off.

To prevent the above from happening, just power on the radio via battery power, then switch over to the recorded content BEFORE putting the radio on the home dock. When doing this, no matter how many times I power the radio on or off, or how long I listen to recorded content, the radio is nice and cool, not even a hint of warmth to the touch. I'm assuming, the sat chip shuts down properly to save battery power, but does not shut down when in a dock.


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Oct 11, 2008
Toronto, ON
The SL2 has the same quirk. You can also turn off the sat chips but going to internet radio mode. Once you have detected networks, the sat chips are off. Hit back and then goto the Library as normal.

I find that the sat chips remain active even in portable mode sometimes unless I do that.