Release Robin's Bra
Oct 11, 2008
so far it seems these things are doing far better then even nintendo predicted.

i dont have a wii u and they dont work with 3ds yet but i want them just cause they are official nintendo released figures. really cool things to have. plus im thinking a bunch of them, the lesser known characters, will become collectible. there are reports that nintendo is already going to discontinue the wii fit trainer, marth and villager amiibos and they already sell for double on amazon. i got the wii fit trainer and am going to preorder a few of the lesser known characters that will be part of the second and third wave in jan and feb.

despite having a pretty long list of great games wii u has been a bit of a sales disappointment and it seems these might turn that around. if not it deff will at least help the nintendo bottom line.

Analyst: Amiibo US Sales Will Bring in $1B For Nintendo [UPDATE] - IGN