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    Hi kids,

    We need to rebuild American manufacturing. That will take years, and until it comes to fruition, I'd like to develop of list of existing American manufacturers that we can patronize in the meantime.

    I'm collecting this information on my blog:

    Look for the American manufacturing post and leave a comment with your domestic manufacturer's name and website, what they make, and why you like them. I'll either figure out how to display all comments :pointlaugh: or add new entries as responses come in.

    Here are three that I like to prime the pump:

    Great American Puzzle Factory
    : They make my boys' John Deere tractor puzzles.

    American Apparel : This company makes clothing in downtown LA and is worker- and environment-friendly. I have a t-shirt from them that I received in a 5k race and it's very comfortable.

    ADMMicro: These guys make systems that monitor energy usage in buildings.

    Thanks. I know there are great American companies to support.
  2. Casual Fan

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    Oh, for Pete's sake. I know there are some companies right here in the good ol' USA that you like and don't want to see go away.

    For example:

    Harley Davidson motorcycles
    SyntaxBrillian, makers of the Olevia HDTV, the only TV made in America
  3. hexagram

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    Do you want to support America? Support the last remaining American industries: Beer, cigarettes, and prostitutes. :yesshake:
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    Manufacturing? Only if the cost of transport forces us to do it here. Otherwise, export that robot work, or automate it and then export the robots.
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    Not to change the subject, but it does tie in. Seeing Anheuser-Busch being bought out by InBev. I was thinking during the holidays Budweiser truly is an American Tradition, now owned by InBev a Belgium Company. So, so sad!

    Locally there is a few companies that have nationwide sales, one that I can think of all the top of my head is a fishing lure company.

    Bill Lewis Lures

    5527 Coliseum Blvd
    Alexandria, LA 71303
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    Truly a sad day when that happened. We're losing WAY too many of our companies to foreign interests. Now I've been hearing that Chrysler is entering a "partnership" with Fiat (basically all Fiat wants is to use Chrysler to sell Fiat cars at Chrysler dealerships)... it makes me sick.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not against foreign cars, either. I just think what Fiat is doing is pretty scummy.
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  8. memebag

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    Scummy? Why? We'll finally be able to get a Fiat 500 here!
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    Excellent. Too many lures are made in China. When I fished, I always shopped my local bait store and bought hand-made rigs from the owner.
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    I dunno, maybe I'm just cynical. It just all smells kind of like the Daimler deal to me. Get what you need out of the company, leave them damaged, and dump them on the side of the road.
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    And? Chrysler sucks. The Fiat 500 r00lz! Especially that little Abarth number.

  13. Casual Fan

    Casual Fan Surprisingly nice they make a model for heterosexuals?
  14. blyons200

    blyons200 These pretzels are making me thirsty.

    A quick look at their show room on the FIAT website show that they do not.;)
  15. memebag

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    The 500 Abarth is the model for heterosexuals. Here's the other kind:

  16. snakester

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    That thing is a failure on wheels.
  17. Casual Fan

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    I've given it some thought--and if Chrysler can slap a Hemi in either of those dago golf carts, I'm in. :clap:
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    Thanks, folks, I'll get those on my crappy blog this weekend in some kind of master list...

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