Amazon MP3 a good alternative

Discussion in 'Other MP3 Players' started by KTMCDO, Nov 29, 2008.


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  2. SpaceKitty

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    Of course it is. I've purchased a few albums through Amazon. I like the free app that they offer that downloads music right into iTunes, makes it easy to sync to my iPod or iPhone.

    Music is 256kbps so it always sounds good.
  3. DAB

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    Yes indeed and it already includes the album art embedded so that when you sync it to the device the album art is already there.

    So many services like Yahoo, Rhapsody and others add album art, but the don't embed it so once you do anything with the file the album art is gone.
  4. gilpdawg

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    I like it too, but I don't sync my iPod with iTunes anymore, so that doesn't matter about the iTunes capabilities. I use Winamp with the ml_pod plugin. Works much better for me. Not as sluggish on my machine and doesn't hog all my resources. The only problem with it is if I do purchase something from iTunes, (some things are exclusive) I have to burn it to disc and re-rip it to use it with Winamp, because Winamp won't manage the protected files.
  5. TacoKid

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    I've gotten a few better deals from Amazon in the past few months than in the last few years on iTunes.
  6. DAB

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    They are generally always cheaper than iTunes on album deals! When you download it and it imports to iTunes it already includes the album art, which is really nice!

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