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    Next year there will be another football league call Alliance for American Football. It will take place right after the Super Bowl and last for 10 weeks. Similar how the XFL will run things in 2020.

    The Alliance of American Football

    Alliance of American Football - Wikipedia

    Only reason why I heard of this league because Phoenix will have a team and will be played at Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe. The original home of the Arizona Cardinals before they moved to there permanent stadium.

    Phoenix gets Alliance of American Football team, will name coach Friday

    So far the league has 5 teams out of 8 teams.

    St. Lake City
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    That what Phoenix needs another sports team. :rolleyes: The city already overcrowded with tons of sports. But again you can't complain, most cities don't have this much activity.

    MLB - Arizona Diamondbacks
    NBA - Phoenix Suns
    NCAA - Arizona State University, Grand Canyon University
    NFL - Arizona Coyotes
    NHL - Arizona Coyotes
    USL - Phoenix Rising FC (possibly an future MLS team)

    AAL - Alliance Phoenix (temp name)
    Arena Football - Arizona Rattlers
    WNBA - Phoenix Mercury

    There are 15 MLB spring training teams for a month. Quite a few MLB Minor League teams and the valley does get these events PGA, IndyCar, and NASCAR twice a year and whatever else.
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